Attention to next season, women’s golf world is full of beauty?

2008 prize queen-Miho Koga retired concluded this season.Retirement of her innocent, will that you have to feel the loneliness of Ichimatsu to golf a lot of fans.

But, next season to fulfill his professional debut to blow off such a loneliness, a new face of the expectation is in droves.Three people Shu beauty that is done the final Qualifying Events last day of the women’s golf tour in the 2nd, was passed in protest of this year, Toyonaga Shiho (21 years), Saito Ai璃 (21 years), is Kotsuma Kotono (19 years old) I had won the right to full participation next season.

Three people Shu beauty of the topic for some time in the women’s golf world.Is expected to 30 people about the top is the full participation of the next season, the 4-position of the 9-under total, 31 out of 3-over total, incense wife has entered the 34-position of 4-over total is Saito Toyonaga.

Including the golf from the age of nine, consecutive Kyushu junior high school golf championship in 2005, and ’06, Toyonaga boasts the proportions of model Beams tall 170cm is close, and also win Kyushu High School Golf Championship ’07 Furthermore, in ’08, It is a talent that has attracted attention at a young age in local Kumamoto.Enters the sixth in the Nitori Ladies of August this year that passed the protest, you have to hand about 2.92 million yen prize.

Also, Kotsuma Saito and also has a star of Sueosoroshii.Saito’s about an enthusiastic fan exist in some net world from Looks and natural its idle, it has been attracting attention as a “high school girls golfer too beautiful” to high school girls era have led to Kotsuma.

It is likely that the super rookie who is a beauty, go beautifully dyed further women’s golf world of the next season in tripartite three-way.
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