Soldier getaway, discipline Yuruyuru buxom also Teitaraku Chinese Liberation Army enlistment OK

Self-Defense Forces to the middle of this month, was carried out large-scale military exercise in the Kyushu-Okinawa region.Purpose are, including the Senkaku Islands in the territorial dispute, defense and strengthening of the Nansei Islands.
No way, It will not mean there was no fear in the Self-Defense Forces of Japan that assumes this island defense.November 9, from troops of Liberation Army Shenyang Military Region stationed in Jilin Province Jilin City, getaway young soldiers of four people have bullets of 700-odd shots Choto assault rifle 1.The incident becomes a gunfight on public roads and Gun警 then, we have been tracking, one that is constrained three people were shot dead occurs.

Japanese media also reported it already, but the reason for the breakout has not been revealed.
“In China, the army away from the urban youth has been questioned, criticized occurs” Gunki is disturbed “level is” low (born in the 80s or later) “one-child policy generation in breakout of this was.In fact, young buxom is “generation” policy often to make it easier to enlist, 5% each by expansion in the upper and lower limits, the acceptance criteria of the weight of recruitment from winter this year.In addition, face, neck, within 2cm to one, even if there is a tattoo, I loosened the condition that OK if arms, legs 3cm within holes pierced.Again this generation, awareness and pride as the Liberation Army is low, etc. (SNS such as Facebook, which has been used in China) QQ, it has become a problem in are many also soldiers muttered complaints to military life “( Chinese journalists in Japan)

The apex the National War College, and was educated at educational institutions such as the immediate military commander School around the country, in addition to the so-called professional soldier, there is a general recruits offer capacity frame of each region China Liberation Army.Urban areas aside, the folding of job scarcity, young people who are blessed with the opportunity of training with salary stable, moreover, met with popular with women, come to apply comfortably seems a lot for rural and out.However, the decrease in soldier level, is not a problem that applies only to recruits these public offering.
“China is said to have bribes society, the military is no exception.It is a dogma (about 6 million yen) is much of that need 500,000 yuan in order to raise one class.Over the years, the one-child generation that get no matter what it does is, should be at the core of the Liberation Army If what you want in a selfish.I want to hope that the day of the Self-Defense Forces of exercises this is such help does not come “(military critic)

Speaking of soldiers plump selfish, and I would imagine the Dear Leader of North but ….Kuwabara, Kuwabara.