I have decided to divorce without convincing with her husband, who hitomi childcare housework nor

Black boots to dress squeezed tightly at the waist.In short Bang, her hair style of ponytail is,’s a feeling nowadays fully open, but it was known as “Mom firmly” in the supermarket that.

It is Ika buy ingredients suddenly pack in one hand a “shopping basket.I would’ve been concerned about the things your child.Such as chemical-free vegetables, will Ika bought by selecting properly the organic food “(patrons)

She finished the shopping was headed, it was luxury apartment of about 5 minutes by car from the store.(35) daughter (2), had sent a new life from this September she –hitomi here.

in 2002, hitomi to marry men of the original hip-hop group was the terms of the old friend also divorced in 2007.

It is revealed also surgical history in the blog, but it was a body because of the ovarian tumor, less able children, in June 2008, was remarried and pardoned and Haneda Masayoshi (35) of the actor.It was the jacket photo of the album were taken during pregnancy, “nude pregnant women” also became a topic.

She is such, there is no sight of her husband in an apartment of a new live beginning.Music parties to know the two men speak this.

It is said was not live at home with decided to divorce the “summer.I heard it and are in a state from which it may be submitted at any time divorce ”

Until now, but hitomi who had never to talk about her husband so much, in the interview phrase magazine, there was that spilled beg dissatisfaction husband does not help me housework and childcare.

Stage parties to know the Haneda says.

“After marriage, Haneda Mr. poised near his parents’ home, a new home to live with your child and hitomi’s.So you get a script, he is, I’m immersed in the role making it muffled the home while holding it.What a can not concentrate to have children and wife.Because he is a workaholic a butterfly get.That said, hitomi-san ‘s since you have a job, with her husband, who also housework childcare nor me nothing, convincing I guess did not go ”

※ 22 days issue December 2011 Seven women

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