70% hike electricity prices? If you select the “nuclear abolition”

70% price increase electricity rates in 2020 – received a nuclear accident, about the uncertainty about the future electricity prices in the future, consulting firm that summarizes the estimated this also came out.Might, or whether 70%, voice you are concerned about the impact on the Japanese economy is strong for price increases.Government in a position to authorize a price increase and power company I wonder what kind of make a decision.

“I want to asked to please a thorough self-effort to TEPCO, draw a picture with which to do without price increases”.In the House of Representatives Special Committee on Reconstruction of May 23, 2011, for the power rate increase related to the compensation problem of TEPCO, Prime Minister Naoto Kan showed thinking.

The government is for words that electricity costs estimated TEPCO “16% increase”, come out well from the mouth of the government officials “without price increase …” is, but this is limited to massive compensation amount It is a story that you.It is an element of compensation other than for the topper content in fuel costs due to the switch to thermal power generation, the government summarizes the estimates to be equivalent to the price increases of about 16% if passed on to the electricity charges directly from the primary.

It is not clear whether or not to pass the whole “16%”, but for itself to pass, it’s appears to have a firm policy of government to tolerate.However, opaque scale is not clear, TEPCO’s ability to squeeze the amount of compensation to “without price increase” really, damages of the nuclear accident can not be denied the possibility of more than “16%” is price increase width.

Price increase of power companies, not just a problem for TEPCO.I have been reported, “Kansai Electric Power, price increases also field of view” (Asahi Shimbun, delivery May 13), etc..It has been pointed out power company companies, will want to contribute to the new contribution mechanism to support the compensation of TEPCO, this burden becomes worth an electric rate increase pressure.

In addition, the effect of such prospect is not stand to resume operation of nuclear power plants in the periodic inspection from growing concern about the safety of nuclear power plant is also out, to the electric charge in the composition similar to that of the Tokyo Electric Power Company It is also possible that the pass-through has become a problem.

Meanwhile, May 23, announced on national energy policy that touched such as power cost “urgent analysis” of consulting major “A.T. Kearney” (Japan office, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is was.It is not intended to be limited to TEPCO, it is an argument throughout Japan.

To quote with voice simplification of concern “international competitiveness” and “international relocation”, showed a choice “realistic” four stages depending on the level of primary dependence.Out, in the case of “compensation by (natural gas) Maximize + LNG primary abolition + renewable energy” renewable energy most of the emphasis (such as wind), was estimated to be “70% increase” power cost at the stage of the 2020.It is to be referred to as “70% fee increase” if passed on to all electricity rates simply.

It expressed concern about the influence “domestic investment slowdown” and “risk of hollowing out of industry” has come out in this option, the same analysis, wearing a “×” mark on the graph.

On the contrary, the primary focus “stepwise regression to the primary (and new installations)” in the case of most, you are going to stay in the 4% increase in the choice of.In Option 2 remaining, up 5% “existing facilities effective use of primary (current status pending)” So you have 48% increase in “gradual shift to decommissioning + renewable energy (omitted) from the oldest nuclear power plant”.In the classification of the analysis, we are the “primary elimination” and “compensation by nuclear abolition + renewable energy”, you are not in the one of choice and as not realistic.In addition, you are evaluating each with six items and safety as well as cost.

For power rate increase, May 12, 11, “The problem of experiences a lot in terms of international competitiveness” as, Tadashi Okamura, Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the company at a press conference I expressed concern to the international relocation, etc..I ordered it as “I would like you to strive to raise as much as possible not”.

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