“From the Japanese homeless in the Philippines, now Japan has seen” 9th Kaiko Ken nonfiction Award Mizutani Takeshu interview

The term “social disparity” to penetrate, every year, Japanese New Year’s Eve of the homeless is an issue year-end.That there are Japanese homeless in the Philippines away from such 3000km Japan is not well known.

Called “distressed Japanese nationals” the Japanese who impoverished economically abroad.According to the statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, distressed Japanese who have sought the cover in 2010 768 people.Of which the Philippines’s largest and 332 people.

Why do they wonder is placed in that situation in the Philippines.Do they not, or whether can not return home.I heard Mizutani Takeshu Mr. was awarded the Kaiko Ken nonfiction award “Living in men Philippines was discarded Japan” needy Japanese nationals “” in the book that summarizes the coverage of Japan and the Philippines over two years of “daily Manila newspaper” reporter.

In the Philippines, the presence of distressed Japanese nationals has been well-known.The men over the age of 50, many of.To exit Japan chasing fell in love with a woman he met in the Philippines such as the Club of Japan, she is to return home.

Prices of Philippines cheap, to get used to get rich by simply earn put away in Japan.It’s a situation Filipino women money, Japanese men seeking young women, their relationship, is to get married.But run out of money in hand without thinking Atosaki, and be discarded from Filipino women, they will be no better than the state of the homeless in a foreign country.

However, even in the homeless, Filipinos friendly.Even in poor, when you see people who are in trouble, it will dispensation rice in Japanese alien.This kindness, might has become to contribute to needy Japanese nationals increases.

– Why do become addicted to Filipino women.

Philippines club and he special, people that I have interviewed had said.Every day of just back and forth and company dormitory, work simple task, hope can not be felt from the rest of his life, it is not against anyone usually.But me towards a smile, women in the Philippines club and he or kiss you hug to his bonus to such.

I fly out to Japan elation and opening feeling when such can not be forgotten, and there is still shining world.And money is lost, it takes a year without being able to return home, I have some people who die in sick.

– It ‘s is that it is a tragic story, but that got addicted to the sister of Filipina.And I can no longer be so much sympathy, but …….

You can see well.I also was interested from sympathy at first, but you can no longer out to be interviewed.You can lied unabashedly, it is because we witness the appearance of distressed Japanese who treat carelessly Filipinos who to support.

– On the other hand, I do not have a full commitment to the criticism of their weakness.

There is a lot of life in Japan to them, it is not put a Filipino woman.There was a man of 48 years old among you have interviewed, that had been dispatched factory in a car factory in Aichi Prefecture, until just before you come to the Philippines.The man was a daily Settsuka been a full-time quota to younger always, I do not know when to be fired.It says it can not be friends with dispatch destination, his was a lonely.

In fact, I was there that I was also raised to put a girl he met in the brothel district of Thailand once (laughs).I was just wondering I am a prostitution deniers originally guy to do that that’s the lowest.It, there is a feeling of opening overseas when you travel to Thailand, that was unstable time for overlap without course of his been decided after, sense of values ​​had reversed.There is also a weak part to humans, and sometimes fall down in some circumstances any person.

– While reading further, shaking of the can not – you can have sympathy glimpse from between the lines.But, while you continue the coverage in Japan in order to follow half a lifetime of them, what was quite different problem of such sympathy I you will see.
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