Sound surprising? There eroge company published the salary data

I can rest assured even as a fan.(Top image is from our own brand HEAT-SOFT)
First unit with a girl game multiple brands, has published its own payroll data in the official blog.
And as our look at the official site for details, summary are as follows.

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● average working time: 175.7 hours / month
● development staff average monthly salary: 177,007 yen / month ※ total amount paid
● bonus: 1-3 months about
● paid: 20 days to
● holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays New Year’s holiday, Obon

Eroge Companies Dattari real personal operation or not listed, did not grasp the actual situation unsatisfactory.Other companies will be different of course, but be said with good treatment of people with respect to medium-fast unit?
Monthly salary is said to be not high up there, this Gojisei, very happy bonus if delle.Working hours are not too many, a holiday calendar street.Retention rate also likely to be high birthday vacation to other, internal air was stable is likely to have been transmitted.
Eroge companies have an image there are many troubles.Postponement of the release date is a daily occurrence, but if the brand of the first unit, I can buy with confidence as well as a fan.

Data of their own company [Development Mono-White]
Tsu’m trying to eroge! [HEAT-SOFT] (Pic)
(Ito Hawaiian Kohei)

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