X Day of Japan financial collapse is coming in 2015!? Possibility of government bonds significantly downgraded the European crisis is not a Taningoto Takarabe Seiichi [Column]

The financial crisis in Europe was leap powerhouse of Europe, in Italy finally from Greece crisis.As a matter of course, that it was gonna settle in a half-hearted problem postponement of debt forgiveness to 50% of the Greek government bonds European banks have been held, backfired.Market’s cold.As if ridicule the leader of Germany and France, the target market has shifted to Italy from Greece.The end of November, ’10 government bonds of Italy are hammering the market for mass, 7% base interest rate, which is said to be hazardous waters to rise temporary.Insolvency of Greece is also a small country but can not, powerhouse Italy when forced to financial collapse, the fat lady has sung.

In fact, the moment the Italian government bonds slumped, the French government bonds have been on target this time.And BNP Paribas is the largest bank in France, such as Societe Generale, the major French banks owns large amounts of government bonds in Italy.Italy and Coquelles and are in a relationship permitting them to burst into flames financial system of France in an instant.

The last bastion of the European crisis, Germany is annoying.Even though EFSF (European Financial Stability Fund) is the financial support for crisis prevention, actors substantial France and Germany.Now that caught fire in the ass of France, become dependable It ‘s one country Germany.But of course, industrious German people, has been strong opposition to the tax of their own is spent in the European crisis more.

It’s become agnostic pesky rules of EU member nations, each Once this happens, the turn of the ECB (European Central Bank), but are substantially form the ECB is also a matter of fact it’s Germany.That is funded up to where Germany is depressing, you can either re-create the framework of the new EU.I have seen clearly the fate of the problem.

Or expel Greece from the euro.

Do you revive the Marc Germany to withdraw from the euro.

Or after the dismantling of the euro currency system once, do you re-form a new Euro only country that defines the rules of fiscal discipline stringent new, was clear it.

Whatever the case may be, only writing of high-ranking official of the European helpless anymore.European summit of December 9 would be the last chance.Any settled whether Miidaseru.Literally, the future of the euro, rests on the shoulders of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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