The commotion small fire in the aircraft just before takeoff, 3 passengers injured during evacuation – Shanghai

At around 11 am on the 9th, Boya uproar occurred just before takeoff flight CX365 Cathay Pacific Shanghai to Hong Kong flights, evacuation of the to the outside, three passengers suffered minor injuries in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai city was.Shinnami-mo, such as Sohu network reported.

Depart Shanghai to 9:45, the aircraft was scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport in 30 minutes around 12 pm.According to the testimony of passengers, at that time, in-flight was fully booked, but there was no sign of moving even at the scheduled time of take-off airplane.Then, the aircraft fills the entire cabin smell of smoke from the front passenger seat.Passengers from that panicked as “Fire!”.

Then, while the call for calm response to passengers from, 35 minutes around 10 am, then open the two locations emergency exit, cabin crew and colleagues were allowed to escape to the outside of the apparatus in emergency slide to all passengers.The dead were not out to passengers, but three of whom suffered minor injuries during the evacuation.

Cause and location of the fire aircraft currently under investigation.According to the officials, it has been seen, such as failure of the mechanical system trouble is caused, but it is not known to be more.On the other hand, has said BiHiroshi such as through (China version of Twitter), and witnessed the smoke in the toilet, some passengers are, and such as flames, from the cockpit.(Editors: Aota road)