The Nureba challenge the divorce crisis disparity marriage yet again Hirosue Ryoko

Divorce crisis theory has emerged even yet again to Hirosue Ryoko (31), which became the Whirlpool of two people now marriage, divorce, remarriage in.
And candle Jun Mr. candle artist who for the second time “marriage had made”, and that they sent a passing life as early as.Day-to-day, let alone sweet newlywed life, a fight Toka’s not extinct.
“Whatever, I’m such endless left to Mr. Jun all the care of two children.mother of Hirosue is so come when he goes abroad, but it is I’m a frustrated Mr. Jun.Because they preached always chanting love and peace even in a speech, should have together mothers and children in how, extra belly will stand “(entertainment professional parties)

Have a case to Hirosue.Officials reveal inside information.
Only income “husband, and pure Mr. I’m a pretty tough state.Work from overseas was the most before, but the Great Recession of Europe and America stemming from Greece, Italy, Spain financial crisis a series of causes, work seems to be drastically reduced.For the eldest son that commute to private elementary schools and rent of about 1 million yen or more, Hirosue is so must work ”

Some “11 people Kudo KanKuro screenplay return work she became the edge of a cliff in household basis exactly, was selected after giving birth to second child! “(TV Asahi).It is a comedy drama watch the family (Hirosue) becomes a ghost ex-wife dead in 10 poor family with eight children.
It seems to have really aimed at “” Antarctica “Ya (TBS) in a revival of” 9 months “, but did not offer.Some “11 people think which is secretly Jikuji is Hirosue! It seems to have appeared in “.Gallatin also a little less than 500,000 yen per one Because it is 23 o’clock stand.Was a tough return just for Hirosue was a top idol “(drama parties)

However, some “11 people had been seen as a large moss inevitable in the industry! And keep 11 percent while late-night, a big hit “.As a result ….
Work are microcomputer one after another on the basis of “Hirosue.It has been appointed to the heroine of two “Masao-kun go” movie will be released next year of “Kagidorobounomesoddo”.Actress full year of revival Hirosue, Nureba also seems willing next year “(parties)

Ironically, this Hirosue popularity seemed to have exacerbated the terms of the quasi-Mr..
The head of a hate Hirosue, two letters of divorce comes to mind is that a “troublesome matter of time.Hirosue is cause It was too busy even divorce with her husband the previous.Repeat history “(entertainment professional parties)

2 countdown punishment.

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