Naoya Ogawa elementary school nickname that plays live-action version also Gian Gian

National cartoon “Doraemon” is live-action in the CM of Toyota.Draw surreal and entwined with Toyota vehicles, the daily life of Nobita who is 30 years old.

“Was produced with the concept of” dream come true Japanese Toyota becomes Doraemon “, as Doraemon, which has granted a variety of Dreams” (production staff).

Nobita our future is drawn in a novel form in CM, and appointed French actor familiar, the Jean Reno movie “Leon” The Doraemon role.Image of that person becomes stronger and it “Japanese.And the same thing is also popular in Japanese in a more neutral, we asked to Jean Reno’s “(same as above).

Appointed (30) Tsumabuki Satoshi in Nobita role.

In our choice for “Nobita Officer will be happy really.Turn off if you are said to cut the hair! Much of.It was played and put all thoughts of childhood “(Tsumaottoki)

Tsumaottoki the shooting, was fellowship and Ogawa of Giant role in the car.In a scene that get out of a car, the moment the door is opened, even improvisation that groveling to ground and left over momentum.

Comments “dorayaki is first experience, but … It is interesting taste,” said Jean Reno Doraemon auditor (63).And that I knew from before that of Doraemon.Read many times campesterol written in Roman alphabet “demo nobitakun menkyo naijan”, and so had Tatakikon to head serifs shooting.OK even from out and showed the actor soul to be “! Should be more”.

It says, “It was an enormous pressure at the same time happy, but I was well studied, including speech, Shizuka-chan of the 30-year-old has grown different from the childhood,” said Mizukawa Asami (28) of the quiet role.

When taking pictures of co-star of the scene with his wife husband tree, and Mizukawa and that has been greeted with “! Nobita is N ~” in the tone of voice of Shizuka-chan.Look at the hairstyle of Suneo, laughter is so no longer stop.

The Yamashita Tomohisa (26) to the shin Buyaku.

I was surprised eaves to have moved to match the cut to take “(laughter).In a play, was conscious of the fact that it is a nasty guy to Nobita after all that most “(Yamashita)

Bangs shaped eaves characteristic parts dipped hair bespoke.Original Similarly, to keep a constant angle so that it looks the same from any angle, is changing the left and right direction of the bangs by scene.

Gian auditors, was appointed is Naoya Ogawa (43).

“Actually was called me” Giant “from classmates at the time of the elementary school (laughter).Body was also large, and is the feeling that the earth came out when taking pictures of this time “(Ogawa)

The more there is also that it has issued a CD, Ogawa song is good actually.The phrase “I’m not supposed to sing well”, and was practicing repeatedly singing destructive of Giant until just before the production.Such as a room of Nobita adult and specifications vacant land off-limits, future sense of fulfilling.Also look to expand in the future!

※ 22 days issue December 2011 Seven women