“End If you are satisfied with the status quo” foreign semiconductor manufacturers Sales Manager – 10 million yen player picture book vol.3 annual income

Ever experienced a change jobs three times, Yamaoka said that 13 million yen annual income currently.The win orders one after the other in conjunction with the play base worldwide and Europe US, 39-year-old rode quite as fat businessman.That said salesman, Mr. Yamaoka in a very good impression, soft demeanor was asked about the private businessmen and life that he has come not press too strong never.

Q. Please tell me the contents of the current work.I am a sales manager in the foreign semiconductor manufacturers.Subordinates four.Semiconductor. Valid is the main industrial.It is the main business and proposed product specifications, a price negotiation, and that’s going to put together and delivery.

Q. It rewarding work, struggling that are state-of-the-art semiconductor. Valid Do you feel what time is, it is the most exciting part.It is a very creative work rather than make what you need now, because is not going to determine the specs on the assumption of the future in 2005, and 2006.I feel a big challenging thing rather than go drained in the times, and that work to create their own.However, the number the number of customers, the product I’m very often.It is a hard time if you think you because it is average is approximately 6000 types of products, especially in relation to the product cycle also is of that will change in a few years, and trying to figure out all.

Q. Seems to have been Kona-sa business pretty hard, but Are there any room to enjoy the private.Yes, of course! Is there a rush somewhat Saturday morning, business of US until the end, and or check email, but time for themselves and their families basically thereafter.That you go out to touring favorite bike, enjoy fly fishing, or going out to the Boy Scouts of children, and even went shopping with my wife, to go out and there are quite a lot of.

Q. What do I do to more than 10 million yen annual income.It may be tough if you think only money.In my case, there was no commitment to much money, but if you go to change the environment in search of work you want to do, annual income I had been up to while you do not know.When you are long in the place of one, values ​​go entrenched, and business will continue to routinized, and a sense of accomplishment with nature will also fade.Well it boring.The end to be almost satisfied with the status quo.That you want to if we want to do this, to act without entering to protect with a challenging spirit always I think this is one of the important thing is next.You can also re-examine yourself, do you need how much exactly is for a living that I want to send, you might want to and your mind.It is mon goals and objectives if clearly, and able to stand up to hard work a bit much.

Q. Please tell us about your future plans.Various Is there a thing you want to do, but there are most interested in now is it is that it is possible to perform management more holistic.I want to also become Country Manager of Japan in the future, and also want to see working in US headquarters.However, sometimes you think it’s try to work totally different until now also and I wonder if.Such as bakery, I such as florists (laughs)

Yamaoka, who is without putting Katahiji and through thick and thin, told me to talk to Frank.Yamaoka, who you can talk about my home just the building was built two years ago, smile in the photo one hand of the child and wife did not receive much impression that sales manager to work energetically in foreign companies severe of performance-oriented.But ambition that I hid within wonder such a big thing surely.In meek personality and good footwork inherent, it must go to the dream come true of a lot in the future if he.
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