Or Okuyama Eiji reporter?Hanging bodies found in botanical park toilet

(December 2011) on the 9th of last week Friday, Okuyama Eiji’s “Ripo ter or (62)?News that “flows through the net and TV.Men who were suspicious death in Tokyo Jindai Botanical Park in April he called or not the case, but why nine months also do not know the whereabouts it is still in the face known in TV.

Iguchi adult reporter went to Jindai Botanical park as it is indoor home apartment – whereabouts unknown from April.That was April 10 and is was discovered in the state in which hanged in the restroom stall in the water garden men.It was put on the list of persons unknown HP of the Metropolitan Police Department that body is autopsy, that there is no incident of, but nobody seems to have not noticed that’s Okuyama.

Relatives that no longer get in touch with Okuyama has issued a search prior application to the Kanagawa prefectural police in May.There is a sports newspaper dated 5 April in an apartment in Kawasaki city, the water in the bathtub, while dry is laundry, there was no passbook and mobile, but it was the state, such as after you went out casually.

“I’m not sure yet, but Okuyama-san did you had any people” Hatori Shinichi moderator

In large human “177 centimeters, and 100 km, it was bright and a generous Iguchi.It’s not something people who commit suicide, but that it is worrisome, there are three ”

One is that you leave the reporter of 2002, was stopped in the low back pain golf loved second, third thing that became estranged with colleagues from 2010.

Iguchi “Because Single, or fell lonely creeping”

“The question is what took 9 months why” confirmation … pathetic Hatori of 9 months after

“Unidentified person get on the HP official of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Iguchi.The wonder was found immediately search prior application if out, but (in April) search prior application was not out yet ”

Aoki management (journalist) might have had a deviation of “Tokyo, Kanagawa.In addition, there is also much 150 body is unidentified in the Metropolitan Police Department tube ”

It would have been found in the query immediately if there is an incident of.The after nine months, it’s that in a hurry a final confirmation with DNA also is sad.