Young people I listen to the word “go abroad”

I think people that “young people go abroad,” said, is often also from the people of experts so that was increasingly in globalization progresses.On the contrary, the voice that tends to “young people do not want to go abroad” is also can be heard in the trading company.And young people is a party goes, it is actually young inward-oriented and youth of outward-oriented has been polarization (see).

But I think young people and I want you to pay attention to this word “go abroad”.That you come back to Japan to go abroad I often risky.

And say whether there is a risk in what part, most of the problems would be employment and employment.In spite that say “go abroad”, does not have only 40% in large companies companies that want to adopt the study abroad experience (see).If you say loudly and go abroad, people who are of such a study abroad experience is appropriate and is employed first and foremost.However, it does not become the total.Of course, that the study period if it has overlapped with the (3-year in December to 4-year in August) period of job hunting, it is no longer standing at the entrance of the job hunting is common sense for students.

Have you ever rode in employment consultation already graduated two users that experience a few years ago, I went to the overseas.

One is a man who was studying as a Japanese teacher in Nepal.Near the famous National university graduates, the story was also high men also so-called “communication skills” a great good.It is said to be “not employed graduates other than” in the job hunting as already graduated and can not work in that period of job hunting with the timing of the study was not overlap in spite of, even after graduating from, telephone outlet It was that it was only be refused in.

The person who was graduated from the university in the United States, one other person who was also good story bright.I was also interested in politics and economics, and it had also passion referred to as “! Want to improve this society”.But, if you come back to Japan after graduating from a university in the United States, I was in trouble if there is no employment.Because it is university graduates in the United States, and – would be employment as already graduated, but it was suffering in job hunting he also.

Employment is determined finally two of the above, I was also relieved.But I think that it has evidence to say eventually, overseas experience in studying abroad is not helpful at all.

In addition, some people referred to as “I want to come back to Japan with a force abroad for the future of Japan” some people.But the first place, such as work experience abroad and study how it is something that is for their own.How would go abroad from becoming Japan’s national interest.Young people as long as not for Japan, what should not I gain experience abroad.How Will have to go back to Japan always.

You should go to the “for me” If you go abroad if.Yourself Toka want to gain experience abroad, if you do want to work for developing countries, I’m a big favor.You should go fast.I think why go abroad if a voluntary reason, and leave a good result.I do not think where it was Ikasa overseas force to the contrary, and leave a good result.

“I think young people of recent! Do not become a herbivore-inward-oriented do not go abroad,” as long as that, and I want you show up to be active abroad to people of middle-aged and elderly all means.Young people if you look at the figure is working high motivation, and to succeed in life that you go abroad, you will want to go abroad.Just as the era that I thought many young people longing Mr. Fujita us and Horie, the venture company, and you want to entrepreneurship and employment in venture companies.Why people of middle-aged and older do not do so, it is strange.

If you are I think I want to go to abroad many young people if you really, you should create a place where young people went abroad can play an active role.In a situation that can not even employment young people who grow overseas will come back to Japan, young people will not think Nante Let’s go overseas, and I think we can not think you tries probably to work in Japan to come back.There is also a possibility of escaping abroad valuable human resources that the experience of overseas rather.

I do not say go abroad freely in the context of the now.That is required before increasing study abroad person, or would not that make an arrangement to accept young people relaxation of Employment regulations of Japan, was a study abroad.I think so.