[South Korea] BBS is too low age women Idol Japanese “pedophile superpower”

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “fake meningitidis dot-com”, for the low age of the female idol of Japan, the author, said the impressions.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ().


● main thread: U~irugenhabo

The idol singer in Japan, the age of majority is 14 to 16-year-old ‘s.Even just looking at, it will feel like a criminal act.


● To proceed with 20s even debuted early salty room, Aunt treats.Is not a big difference pedophile powers also (laughs) ● stoicism highest Korea Japan.Idol of women will retire from front line if Sashikakare 20s.Ability depends on the person and do survive in the entertainment industry in the 20s and later. The Idol of Japan, Morning Musume.20s is often also to AKB48 and.Although just perfusion this time.  ● will not have much popular his sons salty room.Morning musume.Take a look at, in the late 20s, and to not admitted to it, “daughter”.Well, there is a situation that has lost momentum haloprogin itself is pushed to AKB48.

● point pedophile.

● Himebashou Japan also will debut well in high school.But it is better than Japan. Problem room Japan (last year, the youngest group that contains the elementary school appeared, younger is now a problem in Korea) salty ● Since debut in elementary school. (I think you also have elementary school has been working as a child actor)

● incomprehensible It’s debut in a gravure model Kerugerugeru teenagers also (laughs)

● In addition incomprehensible parents who will accept the salty room it (laughs)

● the child is a normal person when I grow up, or will not regret.     ● You’re presented KAKA sorry.Not a voice of anger of parents who have children of underage?Strange country with limited Although Japan debut elementary school students, minors can not be on television only to 9 o’clock.

● If Bring minute failure, AV debut. (Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)