[Entertainment] ♪ vitamin to give to find a purse emergency, of Uechi Yusuke!

If you lost the wallet Moshimo? This is what can happen to anyone.Once withdrawn the money? When you are exploiting card? Personal Information If you wait too long and flows out from the driver’s license and insurance card? It is a very scary thing to think so.There are celebrities that have lost such a precious purse.

His blog at “Kami-ji Yusuke”, Uechi Yusuke talent has revealed that it has lost the wallet.It seems to have noticed that I went to the restaurant in the neighborhood received an invitation from a friend in the middle of the night, has been dropped wallet in the cab of the return.

Seems to be no wallet still even contact the shops who were with Uechi, and seem to remember that you had a wallet up to 5 minutes before, but with the missing.Was also performed in alternating but it seems can not be found yet.Uechi is spelled money from good anymore, and I want you to stop You can only cause trouble to someone or abuse.

Personal information as well as money, insurance card and credit cards, driver’s license will be or have been included in the wallet.Address and be indexed for entertainers, especially, it’s fatal very.Without purse of Uechi being exploited, I want you to found safely.
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· Entertainment reporter “lonely should not have a name of Uechi Yusuke” for red and white
· Reunited with fellow of the times “Gokusen” is Kamiji Yusuke.Spell feelings “talk of the future” would like to.
· Visit the Fukushima Uechi Yusuke own in “Miminashihouichi” Car.
Uechi-Yusuke, published in the blog the novel suddenly.On the net “meaning unknown” both.
· Feelings “to someday disaster area” was put in the name of the car Uechi Yusuke.
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