Enter the parking lot of ramen and Iwakuma dating partner than five minutes after the restart

Signed a hot kiss in the car and A child’s becoming three years have you known, lessons lovey-dovey in close contact from behind the golf driving range at midnight.Affair scoop of Iwakuma Hisashi was reported in two days December issue Shukan Post.The journal is a translation had been watching the whole story, but I’ll introduce you to take this opportunity, it could not put the “scenes”.

In order to buy a suitcase of A child’s, that when he appeared in Chiba city.

Iwakuma car headed to the inlet of the multi-storey car park close to downtown in Chiba city.An attempt was made to GR once, but does not enter there, parked the car in the parking coin another in a stone’s throw for some reason.And I wonder if there was any inconvenience in the parking lot a few.

It is called, leave as soon as you think or entered the facility or “What was often.I do not know whether A child san whimsical it whether the Iwakuma, but the clerk was also a Kyoton “(magazine photographer)

It also occurred on the day that Iwakuma returns to Sendai.When you check out of the hotel in Chiba city two people get along, the car to Chiba city district.

I was skipping the car at a speed of as ever along the way, but the way, two people to stop the car in the parking lot of the ramen shop.It thinks lunchtime, time and how happily eat ramen, was allowed to start the car again in less 5 minutes.

Involuntarily, are you not eat! “?Small magazine crew you accidentally shouted “.Shop I did not even mean that they are especially crowded but …….

※ 23 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post