You happen to sign a “Azumi Shinichiro” and been asked … I’m sorry Shinichi Hatori

Sign (35) was the Korea Odagiri Joe actor is in trouble.The recital of the “truth of 12,000 km My Way,” a new film that was held in Seoul (December 2011) the 13th yesterday, was being chased by the story here than the movie.

I heard in Japan to have been reported to be a behavior such as insulting the “Korea, I was surprised to Odagiri was a shock.In did not have a malicious course, you’re doing it Toka drawing or Toka name of others in the same way in Japan.It is crestfallen as long as there are those who became unpleasant feelings, and “was not sorry.

Odagiri Joe sign of colored paper that you wrote when you attend the Busan Film Festival in October source of uproar uproar in South Korea to write a “KodaKumi”.The restaurant I visited in the diet, and was according sought to sign to women employees who noticed he is referred to, but wrote it was “KodaKumi 2011.10.8”.It became a fuss for children of employees who are aware of this, was published to the net image of colored paper.Writing “awful to joke,” “was disappointed the fans of South Korea” and “is a fool” that was followed by the net.

I think it you were “Japan, you’ll need do by Nante § once again, but the person who (is Japanese) not read that’s a sign of Mr. Odagiri this Hatori Shinichi moderator.But I do not think also that there is a malicious ”

Kanda Takiyume (talent) “such joke of the above”

East Chizuru (actress), which was asked to be “Do you want to write your name or someone else” to Hatori, no it is not “.But it is said to be “a sign” when you have a meal, and Na want you to from over.Also, speak with a laugh, “I do not remember the name, but please sign” and “or.

“Do you certain that you have to sign on behalf of others” Akae Tamao moderator

Have previously only “once Hatori.It is said to “Please sign Azumi-san” and when I was interviewed, I thought How kana trying, but I think a person who came from somewhere far away, and do not break the dream, after she worried to “settle Shinichiro” I’ve wrote.I talked elsewhere is this, but because it does not say to such a person, you have to take this opportunity … “(laughter)

Well it’s a place you should write like “Azumi Shinichiro that Hatori Shinichi”.The name of the people do not write after all no matter what.