Imada & Higashino et al reveal the propensity of his own?! Functional novel ranking!

Higashino Koji and Imada Koji is, was also the starting point of “Cozy overkill,” which closes the curtain in the seven years from the broadcast, “loser wins dog KOZY’S NIGHT” 24 (every Wednesday to challenge a new game in the TV Tokyo midnight frame: 12 to 24: 43).

To expand the battle to challenge the various theme members plus guest Higashino and Imada, decide the “# 1 = Winning Dog” and “lowest = loser” by Gachinko showdown.December 14 (Wed), broadcast a functional novel ranking you decide to continue on last week, and can write a novel functional exhilarating to both men and women to?! Who someone.Greeted Degawa Tetsuro, tutorials Tokui, Karateka coves, Ayabe piece, piece Matayoshi, the Oriental radio Nakata to the guest, and the final chapter finally this week.Do not miss the original novel functional entertainer who while Sarakedashi the “proclivities of his own”, was challenged in writing only the sense of their own!

■ “underdog wins dog KOZY’S NIGHT”

(Except for the TV Tokyo series some areas) 43: 12-24: 24 (Wed) December 14, 2011