Chinese Discussion [China] blog about “why the Japanese do not allow the Nanjing Incident”

December 13 that it was 74 years after the fall of Nanjing in the Sino-Japanese war, Chinese men bloggers “RiIsao儒”‘s, wrote a blog titled “Why the Japanese do not allow the Nanjing Massacre”.

Bloggers are considered over the field of the following nine.

1. Is the primary person responsible for the Nanjing Massacre “TaniToshio”, trial has not been performed in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, unfortunately.This is because the valley Hisao was a B-class war criminals.

2. Trial was carried out delivered to China in 1946, but the valley Hisao could not be obtained confidence international military tribunal in China unfortunately.Record of the trial also does not remain exactly.

3. The United States began to strengthen cooperation with Japan attitude gradually, war chief of Japan most had been released finally.

4. Jewish massacre of Germany while was done deliberately, systematically, because it was done randomly in that can not be management of their superiors, direct evidence is low Nanjing Massacre in Japan.

5. Japan comes as excuse to say “when the Chinese side to withdraw from Nanjing, there was a killing in Chinese to each other with no disciplined,” but, the thing got there certainly regard this unfortunately.Japan has said, “Statistics of China does not agree with the facts” and therefore.

6. Direct evidence is lacking with respect to numbers.Of the 30 million people, not able to present evidence about 100,000 people, it has become a reason that you can escape responsibility Japan.

7. China has got to give up compensation for Japan.

8. Such as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to, because it has received a large loss in the Pacific War, as awareness of victims is large Japan.

9. 300,000 people theory is not written in history textbooks of Japan, awareness of history is poor.

On that they offered them, does not matter how “Japanese Have you seen the Nanjing Massacre bloggers.It was signed when you see the name of the victims of countless written on the wall of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, as the Chinese one, what do you and “Would think.(Editors: Nishitani rated)