The dating and Kaela in the past husband Koda Kumi, also that it was swung misono

Koda Kumi has announced the sudden marriage with KENJI03 (27) of the rock band · BACK-ON (29).The impetus that two people meet in the song BACK-ON was released in February 2011 that “with you feat. Me”, Koda I heard this song is a fan of BACK-ON, and approached the collaboration It was seemed begins.

It has not been announced publicly, but that misono sister of Koda (27) The “Me”.In other words, was to introduce the BACK-ON to Koda is it was a misono, but the relationship of the sisters that it will not say never.Acquaintances of the sisters speak this.

“Now the sisters I’m a completely Bokkosho.All co-star is I have become completely NG ”

JIN of producer members and BACK-ON also be included, and that was a feeling like family for misono.Was also complicated I think it is around the KENJI03 especially.

It’s “the same age, and a mutual friend at most, KENJI03 and misono was a good friend of most.I think some people were who thought because there was also be playing at his local, the two men are dating around.And I were together all the time about it.In fact, KENJI03 I was was going to the.I think I think that his “likes” is, and has been misono Mowaka~tsu.

He is handsome much sometimes when in junior high school and Kimura Kaela’s, had been dating a little bit to, misono also was not a altogether bad.But she, I’m such while inflaming the unrequited love, however, they cool down at a stretch when it comes to think both.The’m shook to say “~ Naiwa” where it became a good feeling “(The acquaintance supra)

It was that immediately after.I was supposed to be misono to hear, rumors KENJI03 and Koda that began dating.

Is why there is no report from the person who of course also be its “.And that he is a man who was saying “I love you” to himself until recently.misono I became more extreme weight loss and become like a human distrust.Also about marriage that can been done in this time, whether or not cut to misono everyone, seems quite troubled “(The acquaintance supra)

※ 1 the January 2012 Seven women