Be diagnosed 41-year-old man who was promoted to section chief as “promotion depression”

example of middle-aged sue upset spirit that is increasing.A’s salaried workers (41 years old) was promoted to manager last spring.Wife and me very happy promotion of husband.However, from the autumn of last year, to suffer from headaches and insomnia, palpitations, and loss of appetite.Still, it was going to work every day and not afford to miss work, but after visiting a psychosomatic wife worried about the state of her husband in attendance, and was diagnosed with promotion depression.

Hyugano HaruSo’s Higano Clinic explains.

The “promotion depression, it is a disease that is increasing in Japanese men to focus on title.In terms of responsibility heavier if promotion, as middle management, human relations is complicated between the devil and the deep sea of ​​the boss and the subordinate and manager.As I suffer from such stress, you can develop depression will not sleep.In addition, in the case of such as company housing, Hariai wife synchronized with each other, it will be the pressure on the husband “(Hyugano’s)

People saddled alone anything strong sense of responsibility, easy to become, and serious people work first principle.As a sign, insomnia amount, of alcohol increases, bitches and more.Such symptoms when seen in the husband, I want to talk to psychosomatic medicine as soon as possible.

To “treatment, and to go to the hospital as soon as possible.And it stay away from the office.However, if you do not try to Kyumo to say if and only those people, “a disgrace Nantes taking days off depression” The first is often.Disease it is easy to linger is such a person.In addition, if you keep going to the company as it is, because the symptoms progress, mistakes increase, and in some cases human relations also deteriorated, not forced to quit in the end “(Hyugano’s)

Able to break the company, the only drugs that have been prescribed, such as sleeping pills and antidepressants, and try to regular life, so that you can take proper sleep of 6-7 hours is important.

For men, cases in which depression in the wake of the retirement and unemployment and also many other.Also, while I was divergence alcohol and smoking the stress of work, or gambling, addiction becomes anxiety and they are not there because a mental illness many men, let’s note the behavior of the husband.

※ 2 the June 2011 Seven Women

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