[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “Yamamoto only selling five years onigiri”.Koji Kato mention about Keiichi Yamamoto “Gokurakutonbo” in the variety program.

Koji Kato comedy duo, of Gokurakutonbo told about Yamamoto Keiichi dormant.Where the entertainer by other remarks to be “Do not say it” on a TV show, it seems to have mouth reflexively.

The Gokurakutonbo, it becomes entertainment dormant Yamamoto Keiichi is causing the ordinance violation cases in 2006, Koji Kato has continued to work as a pin entertainer.Last year, has been witnessed that how they work in the meat wrapped rice ball shop in Shinjuku is reported, has been selling meat wrapped rice balls of the same series shop in Miyazaki camp Fukuoka Softbank Hawks also in early spring this year for Yamamoto Keiichi was.

Was broadcast on December 14 “Haneto-bi VS Mecha Ike full confrontation Special! The thing with “.And “disappeared one unawares Mecha is cool”, team “retrieved and updated villa bouncing” in to expose the fighting spirit is rammed Ken Yamamoto Keiichi implicitly.But, it is had been restrained among the members to be “Do not say it” immediately.

Then, expires butyrate as “!’m Not that dont say” Kato Kouji you have heard it, and clearly, “Yamamoto-san! Only selling five years meat wrapped rice ball” and against Haneto-bi team I was Ihana~tsu.

Recent Yamamoto Keiichi was flowing in sightings and reports of the net as described above, but has spoken clearly from Koji Kato is or would not be the first time.

Yoshimoto is in to the “dissolution” for Gokurakutonbo, Kato has said, “dissolution or should be talking two people and Yamamoto” Both state of mind he seems comes through from the remarks of this.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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