Semi-cohabitation and Nishiyama 茉希, “leer” Prince! “Ex-girlfriend cry of Akanishi disgusting”

Devotee of Saotome Taichi and Nishiyama 茉希 It was reportedly to September this year.Articles with “dating Barebare also fan” was published “are Noroke and unavoidable” cute “around Nishiyama” in some weekly magazine.

Dating of the original KAT-TUN · Akanishi Jin famous Speaking Nishiyama, since reportedly dating a photo magazine in 2008, it has been eye with a couple of mid-Certified.It was in the exclusive model “CanCam” of (Shogakukan) although, Nishiyama was obscurity almost, was Noboritsume the position of about serving up commentator of news program today, it would be the place due to the presence of Akanishi was also large.

It seems to have been a catastrophe Akanishi to “the end of 2009, but still had bought only antipathy” That woman and so on! “Inexcusable from Akanishi fan.That the sign can be seen Nishikido Ryo has blogged was crowded Ballmer is now in turmoil, and it was there to be hated from Johnny’s fans in particular.It does not seem happy to be recognized as a set with Akanishi, seems there was also spilling “are called before Kano Akanishi is very unpleasant” and around “Nishiyama is, (weekly magazine reporter)

story of Nishiyama was hushed sound even among fans since I Akanishi has went over to America, but then, Nishiyama he had nurtured the love of another.I speak how Nishiyama is theater the stage incognito during a whistle-stop tour of Saotome had become a hot topic even among the general public, but the relationship has been progressing to more performing arts officials familiar with the two men.

Kissy-kissy than the ambient is thought, Saotome and Mr. Nishiyama is cohabitation state almost at home in her apartment in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, actually “.In the nearest vicinity, has been witnessed also figure that two men have a meal in peace Naka “(entertainment parties)

And active in the world of popular theater from childhood, Saotome had been noted as “leer prince of genius female impersonator” from middle school.But female president to dispute in the contract with the production, was also called Ya major entertainment professional “foster parent” also broke, it has become a member of the theater company that his father was raising an army now.

Man of the world that so that all company members are able to eat “Saotome-kun, though young, are doing the performances to think about the theater company rather than one yourself.However, seems to have been pressured so that it would be bought from the antipathy of some turmoil in the office leaving a few years ago, you will no longer be able to use the famous theater “(TV program producer)

Not lose to these headwinds, dating two men seems to be steadily current.”Nishiyama is starting to travel to Paris this week, but also, seems scheduled to meet at local and Saotome-san” (entertainment parties supra)

Based on this information devotees, some weekly magazines that have started the interview already.However, dating and Saotome So if made public if it is not able to dispel the picture of “ex-girlfriend of Nishiyama 茉希 = Akanishi”, a dream come true as Nishiyama? Koiji of two men want prayer that smooth.

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