Scoop! “Killed Ai Iijima” Gekishiro hostess best friend is me! The “arm that had been skinny” just before the (4) death

However, from that Kurachi Mr. launched a site on the Internet, in ’08 with “Rika Akemi” name, was published a book depicting the back of the Ginza hostess industry, trouble over the relationship between Iijima to only Kurachi’s was starting to happen.I was the self-proclaimed photographer haunted Hiraoka Taro (a pseudonym) living in Osaka, which met on site.

 First, Hiraoka was the extent to which sometimes come to the phone or e-mail me.But because it can have a phone call to the increasingly insane time, Hiraoka is misplaced anger When you note.And the contents of my book, I began to write bad things about hoax, net bulletin board to “2 channel” a variety of talk about the relationship of love and.

And began to write bad things about my human unspecified number of truly received his story soon.If you are not in the other party, is Hiraoka, the blog of love, it becomes to write ill of love in my name, with hundreds of fans who believe it is, began to write a protest to my site and then.

“Do not be harassment and jealous to Ai-chan!” Human beings there is no way even to be alive “.Soon “‥‥ dead.I it off

And I was written to be a criminal “has threatened her story that Ai Iijima is related to schoolgirl concrete justified murder”.

Iijima has revealed that it was suffering to slander that are involved in this bizarre incident on the blog of October 06, it has happened in Tokyo, Adachi-ku, in ’89 certainly.Monkey net writer says.

“That rumor was the information dating women and boys that is Iijima, in the same age groups and criminal, her parents were close relatively from the crime scene that had been out of the confinement site.Environment and the name of the juvenile cases because the criminal is unknown, rumor which is not rough on the net I was standing ”

Hiraoka will did you slander in connection and that I was a close friend and longtime love, that love is suffering from this rumor.

Such a thing, love I know you know, just say “‥‥ Because I’m not managing the blog” to say to delete love the slander that has been written in the name of my blog of love did.

Home or my address, slander of the family until written on the second channel soon.My daughter fainted in shock, threatening phone calls have also been suffering every day in the house.

To say to the police, it was not me moving first.

Among such, the fall of ’08 before a little love is lost, was invited to her, I had met at a restaurant of Mishuku.Love had not doubted me of course.However, for there is someone to care for “love becomes a worry from sheer white cardigan sheer, arms of love because it was skinny?When you hear “, laughing, I had the answer’m” okay, and Yo~o “you are but ‥‥.

And obituary of love.It was a tremendous shock, but the slander to me in the net, I was extremely cruel finally.”Murderer!” “Return the Ai-chan!” “You have had to die!” “Criminal cornered the Ai-chan, intimidation, killed” and ‥‥ “was poisoned Ai-chan”.Then, as I mentioned at the beginning, articles Kurachi’s as if had been involved in the death of Ai Iijima in the evening newspaper and some weekly magazine is published

It is written as “truth weekly magazine you write”, Kurachi’s use a towel, to achieve hanged himself at home.I did not reach important Fortunately towels torn.

Such what I would do must be told why, as drove to death love.After the love has died, to me, I did not even once even a phone call from the police, let alone questioned.

Then, with the cooperation of lawyers and friends, Kurachi’s accusation this net crime.Police move in the investigation.In March last year of about 1 years later, unemployed women in Osaka had been slandered Kurachi’s is the aim and Hiraoka (45) was arrested on defamation charges from the death of Iijima.But, the contents of slander can not be reported, it did not become a big topic.And then say, net of slander to Kurachi’s and no longer, but Hiraoka has not been arrested yet.

Movie version initially, I did not and Let the “Platonic ─”, in which after a while outta love, suffer from net slander, I watched on DVD.And tears naturally began to overflow from my eyes.To apologize that it has offended me in drama version and the original book, the scene of the memories I had drawn several such has known only two people in the movie.

With able to tell that and true face, true love, slander slander of the net is a serious crime, and I should become a memorial to love is the best friend forever.And I think so now.