There is also harvest defeat in club [W] Santos Cup.A new ambition began to grow players Kashiwa Reysol

With knowledge of that level is different in the Club World Cup and J1, however, that the score even at 0-2, Kashiwa and wonder is widened the score and slurping while this could not be the image.

It also is the lead example, this year, because I have seen many styles of oak to continue attacking without looking Keren always, the game of Kashiwa to reverse it, or catch up with the game late.

goal of two Santos Neimaru, Borges was decided, was a super goal either so as not to meet you in J1.

After the quarter-final of three days ago, it was victory at the end Monterrey PK war, Nerushinyo director of Kashiwa had said, “I admit personal ability of Santos, the possibility is also to us,” but the difference is too large I seemed also to.

Still, had enough premonition likely happened is something.

In fact, Kashiwa through the 90 minutes, (52% ball possession rate), (Santos eight, Kashiwa 14 lines) that’s shot of many to hold the ball for longer than Santos.

It is not only the story of the numbers on.KuriSawa colleagues one so looked back “doing their own football, was make a chance,” said it was also creates determiner some.

Was defeated 1-3 in the final, but Kashiwa fought Rashiku Kashiwa until the end.That’s why, fulfillment had drifted to how after the game, players Kashiwa respond to interview.KuriSawa say.

What is lacking, Kashiwa to aim above the future, this game was an important experience in “their.I was allowed to be a great experience ”

But, precisely because he played a good game on the other hand, Kashiwa through the style of their own, a crucial difference is between the Santos also revealed.I’m sorry, but the words of Murishi-Ramaryo director of Santos represents refers to all.

“Ball possession is not to determine the results.Taking the point with a valid attack is important.There is the ability of the finish to us, did not have it in Kashiwa ”

Also Nerushinyo director, I’ve given the space from “carelessness.I should have been giving a chance to the players from before the middle of the Santos.The “he said would be determined only gave a chance of only two.

Santos and was FW purchase to decide when it should decide, Kashiwa was not.More than the difference between the two is clear, question FW, Junya Tanaka is to reveal the chagrin also was natural.

One, Tanaka had been issued a different air in the mix zone, which has been dominated by the atmosphere you are satisfied certain.

If you look in “content basis, the force on the other party.But, in the feeling that you’re doing, it can be a little more.Although I thought I was the difference, not so much ”

South American champions Tanaka felt in skin, “After doing 10 times, not a partner, such as lose 10 times”.”There was quite challenging,” It was felt to be “a little more can be” is also among the body to play actually.

It was confirmed that you’re doing “is not wrong.There was also a place that you can play as their own image, and is a force to connect and break force as a team, it was also felt that more than the opponent.I think the place to be overcome in the number of people (as of Santos) less, and are clog in the practice of the future ”

That feedback Tanaka speaking layers were obtained was considerable, the following words narrate.

and “I feel that I can catch up to”

However, why, Tanaka was also said to laughs and Pepper.

It is unbearably mortifying “.Minute you feel the difference is small, extra ”

Tanaka was to mouth the words many times referred to as “frustrating” even after.Even if the two runs in the first half, “you do not have to Ika there, I supposed could better defense”.

Next year, in addition to the J1 consecutive Kashiwa, to challenge even the AFC Champions League for the first time.It’s Looming in front of Kashiwa, it’s a high hurdle in this year more than.Be in such confidence they can expressed as Miracle, and the good results of this year’s important, but if it is too too is dominated by the sense of accomplishment, it could be scooped feet.

I think in order to reliably reason alone, Kashiwa becomes even stronger, ambition was glistening Tanaka showed is a thing that must not be lost absolutely.

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