Raw lever other (sorry) after it’s going to be edible prohibited in Japan Apparently

It’s a certainly true Speaking and had expected alternative and I think we made this, but the Japanese government seems to prohibit the lever saline in a matter of hours apparently.Coverage is here. > Sashimi also useless?O157 from the liver of cattle inside
34 minutes delivery (Thu) 11:00 15 Yomiuri Shimbun December
  I found a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O that causes food poisoning heavy (O) 157, was found from the interior of the (lever) bovine liver.
  To the restaurant, the ministry has been asked to refrain from that jerk the raw lever even this, but the fact that O157 virulent has been confirmed in the liver, the provision of raw lever on the basis of the law likely to be prohibited has increased.
  In response to mass food poisoning incident by Yukke of “Yakiniku Shuka Ebisu”, ministry investigate the liver of about 150 head of cattle that between August-September this year, have been slaughtered in the nation.O157 a living from the inside of the liver at least two dogs that were detected out.The study, the bacteria increases in the nutrient bile produced in the liver was confirmed.That there is a possibility that the bacteria have entered the inside of the liver via the bile. From site 58 minutes Asahi Shimbun (Thursday) 1:00 pm December 15: Last Update.
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 The possibility of first confirmation saline prohibited O157 in cattle lever inside
 Is that there are enterohemorrhagic E. coli that cause food poisoning in the interior of the (lever) liver of cattle, I found in a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.It is confirmed for the first time.Toxicity is strongly enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O and (O) 157, there is also a risk of death, likely to be prohibited has increased provision of raw lever. 
  The ministry report the results to the Council to be held on the 20th.Opinion of the committee as soon as disorganized, and decide whether or not to prohibit the provision of raw lever.It becomes disabled, so that the regulations penalized by Food Sanitation Law. 
  I knew that there are campylobacter bacteria that causes food poisoning in the liver of cattle, enterohemorrhagic E. coli a potentially severe more has not been confirmed. 
  The survey, Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to ask, such as meat hygiene laboratories of 16 local governments, such as Osaka and Tokyo, Shinagawa KuniHiroshi (Kunihiro) Iwate University Professor Emeritus are summarized. 
  Examination of the liver of cattle a total of about 150 animals that have been slaughtered in August-September, O157 you are alive from the liver in the two horses were found.It was confirmed from cattle of multiple genetic tests to examine enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli to determine whether the present.Seen it’s during summarization, but the climb to 10 dogs before and after. 
  Because it was performed by extracting 25 g amount of the liver in several kilogram These tests, that there is a possibility that bacteria are present in cattle undetected. 
  Also, it O157 to grow in the bile the liver make even found.It is seen that for this, move to (gallbladder) gallbladder Accumulating bile, O157, which are in the intestinal tract, and entered the liver inside the doorstep. 
  Previously reported food poisoning by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in raw lever, it was thought that the bacteria were in the intestine is attached to the surface of the liver and dismantling is caused.By this time, it was confirmed within the liver, as long as not only the surface of the lever member, is not heated 1 minutes at 75 degrees the entire inside, it was found that there is a risk of causing food poisoning when cooking. 
  Currently, study results until exit, so that it does not provide the raw lever, the ministry is seeking to municipalities guidance to and restaurants.However, because there is no penalty in administrative guidance, there are many eateries that are out to customers the raw lever. 
  According to the ministry, has been reported 116 hotels food poisoning caused by raw beef liver in 1998-2010.Compared to 5 of eaten raw beef, and often much. 
  In response to mass food poisoning of roast chain that came to light in April this year, the ministry was reviewing the handling of standards for raw beef tartare and.I had to discuss the correspondence also raw lever in the.(Shinya Sawa)
  Kind of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli.The are in the gut, mainly cause of food poisoning, even a small amount.Make a verotoxin, to develop enterocolitis with bleeding.When severe, there may also cause encephalopathy and death.I caused a mass food poisoning in Sakai City in 1996.Accounted for 90% of food poisoning patients with enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O26, such as O111, 2599 people develop in 10 years up to 2010, 10 people were killed.It will die when heated for more than one minute at 75 degrees.   Personally, I feel that you want me, why not I was eating at your own risk, but I guess not the case in the logic of the bureaucratic.
 Oh, I though it was a raw lever Favorite.In Japan, eating quite openly is going to be difficult Apparently.It’s become edible prohibited It would certainly.
 Then, is not ‘s mon was found forever or can eat’ Cause Korea (after all, but I wonder if he ‘s OK?I Do you will be eating to go to) per.Because I think that I’ve been wondering now, but if the Ikere to Seoul in early January, and I do not take off the lever and raw Yukke Once you have made.Then she to newspaper
 > In Seoul, Japanese men, died in O157
 News may come out Nante.Because there is no less the net world some people Once that happens, hates me, wonder some guy happy.Oh, the name or not out in the newspaper.
 Such a story is not matter, but the 14th, bronze statue of comfort women has been installed in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.
 The Embassy of Japan before> Looking at the blog image] “comfort women” image, to the removal request to South Korea
 15 minutes delivery (water) 12:00 14 Yomiuri Shimbun December
  At a press conference in the morning on the 14th, for that girl image reminiscent of the so-called comfort women issue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul has been installed, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura’s regrettable “.It said it would “lodge (the removal) in the diplomatic route to the South Korean government, and he would seek the removal through diplomatic channels.
  For Japan dates of President Lee Myung-bak, which is scheduled for 17 and 18 both days this month, I said, “change is not any,” said. Last Update: 15 minutes article (Wed) 12:00 December 14 is from here.
 What do we say? And if it is not removed until I have to go, you have taken the photo.