(5) rely on wipe-kun and Aina-chan red and white back battle you want to wear black-and-white

 Fulfill the youngest ever, the debutants in the 7-year-old is a two ultra-popular person Aina Ashida-chan, Suzuki Fuku-kun.What for viewing rate acquisition NHK seems to “take full advantage” of young children.
 This year, the theme song drama Fuku-kun and Aina-chan sang “Marumonookite” of (Fuji TV), “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” Became a huge hit that sell a 48 million copies.Then, it was active as drama, movies, and events, not the day you do not see the figure is two people are as well-known.

NHK viewing rate downturn continues cried also, seems to have embarked on this person election in cling think.

“Initially, it was said announcement of the contestants singer and have been adjusted in the 24th or November 22 but, in consideration of Aina-chan is to appear on music programs live on the 24th, on the 30th I’ve been told and even shifted the dates “(sports newspaper entertainment desk)

Such as the Korean group urges singers and urging that Yukari in Tohoku, selection rich in variety also suggests this time, but eventually, recourse or say that Fuku-kun and Aina-chan.

Yuki and “Kaoru, two people occasionally Muck.The points, even though it singing in “name, to participate and let me divided into red and white, respectively, music parties reveal its intentions.

“NHK side has said that” want to treat as important as talent to “each and every reason, but in fact, it is that it is divided into red and white, it can be cast in dialogue of the interval Between songs as cheering alternately.commanded that you “try to use only use” seems to be out ”

However, by the Labor Standards Law, starring not only allowed until 20:00 2 people knee-high to a grasshopper.

The early 15 minutes than usual, it’s was 15 minutes start at 7 pm also You can use the popularity of the children in “child actor also shifted only early time zone” this year?Irony has come out with “.45 minutes until 8:00 pm a possible appearance, will be appearing at every thing “(‘s relationship music, supra)

NHK also under the sun, huggy to piggyback on popular child actor.It also aligned the various actors, and pathetic in the monopoly of the two people, “I eat ♪ everyone”.

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