Nuclear accident in the “convergence Declaration” ripples net survey 90% or more “not reasonable”

About what about the accident of Fukushima first nuclear power plant, the process table for the accident convergence “Step 2” is completed and the government has declared a “cold shutdown state”, objection has been one after another from the public opinion.Poll results by media outlets has not been announced at this time, but in the research on the net, more than 90% have expressed discomfort indeed.

In the conference in the evening December 16, 2011, “thoroughly disgusted and curtain pull” Tokyo Shimbun editorial Yoshihiko Noda Prime Minister expressed as “is determined accident itself of nuclear power plant and led to convergence”.But, from the reporter

Question, “When viewed from the disaster area, the air is not quite unacceptable, but is strong” and was also out.

In the newspapers of December 17, the case that tells the straight the contents of the prime minister conference, “declares the nuclear accident convergence” and (Asahi) there were many, but in an editorial in one surface

tone that “” convergence “declared too early” (Asahi) “thoroughly disgusted with accident convergence declaration curtain pull” and (Tokyo), to point out the hasty of “” convergence “Declaration” has also been found here and there.

Foreign media skeptical further.Western media, introduced while exchanging comments of experts, such as a point, do not know when residents take decades (1) decommissioning majority is on (2) evacuation can do return home.Even the Xinhua News Agency of China, which is promoting the nuclear power plant

“Declaration intended for the Japanese government show the evolution of the accident measures at home and abroad.It is told has many challenges, and such “would be exposed to criticism, the web site, photo environmental organization” Greenpeace “to perform the protests have also been published.

The “convergence Declaration”, public opinion, extremely tough view.

Yahoo has done in the “Survey”, reasonable in the “moment” convergence Declaration “?To the question of “, 7360 votes were received at the 16:00 time December 17, 93% (6793 votes) responded with” not “reasonable them.Surpassing overwhelming “reasonable” (6%, 414 votes) and “do not know” (3%, 153 votes) a.