Kanjani ∞ · Yokoyama, claims to fan “of prickly pear I also! Buy,” said!?

Storm Sakurai Sho served Linkman, popular artists of the 20 pairs of Fukuyama Masaharu, such as AKB48 however was amassing “best artist 2011” (Nippon Television).Storm, TOKIO, Kanjani ∞, KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hey! Say! JUMP et al appeared, I was liven up the venue in the performance of each from Johnny’s, but had attracted the attention of fans among them Kanjani ∞ became the appearance for the first time in two years.Wearing colorful costumes uniform style, and sings with glue that burst their unique, two songs one of the representative song as “irresponsible hero”, has received the music provided by the rock band Dohatsu heaven “Mon Jai beat” was.It showed off the power that I do not think the midst of a concert tour, but the radio was broadcast at a later date “Subaraji” in (FM NACK5), Kanjani ∞ · Shibuya Subaru gave me showing off some episodes appeared before.

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On the day, before the work of the “best artist” has been completed ahead of time, Shibuya you decide to go to the massage shop nearby Makuhari Messe is a venue in between the two of Yokoyama of members.Where it arrived at the shop, I was waiting for the order, that were encountered in the place where it comes out of the room of the woman fan to finish his treatment.

It is surprised to Cor “.And though I was talking a little ”

It’s unusual behavior and are to them is a shy of Kanjani ∞ stamps, but maybe I was happy that much.”I bought this!”, And the children of fans that he showed me the inner ring of the Shibuya but …….

There, “” Thank you,.When you said that I “Ya did bought me, if you have prickly about three, I had also Okura (loyalty) and Nishikido (Ryo) after! (Laughs) ”

Wow, rainy day affair (?) Allegations.Shibuya while tsukkomi as “Ninen Ya What do you mean you,” and seemed anxious members of the jewel or of who is in this,

“Who, saying,?”
“No, it’s Subaru-kun!”
“This, Yaro did not say I Okura Okura is when I say”
“No, – there is no such thing”

And, that it has been exchanged.If only this, it might landscape is often the case, … without necessarily being Yokoyama who was next to have seen just silently

“I do I buy or Hen of me why!”

For had started with the shin, things that confusing.

“No, I differ.The cry Bring happened today, and I have a home! ”
The “I have not brought only three why! do such yan absolute lie!”

Spirit of service Show tsukkomi just like variety despite private, word of truly.Still, it was good to be true fun encounter with the fan in pre-production or would not of helped to motivate their.Their charm and friendly friendly seems to be exhibited at any place like this.

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