Press ichi travel company for months up to one in the “Western-type long-term stay” summer

I spend slowly and abroad summer resort in the summer -.Some companies are considering a prolonged summer vacation as part of the power-saving measures, major travel company has come up with a travel plan extended stay one after another.

2-3 nights in domestic travel, package tours of the summer, mainstream 4-5 nights overseas travel so far.It was planned that it’ll let enjoy 14 months days to one, on the road of the “time” as Europe and the United States it.

JTB of the year’s largest travel “you spend your vacation is change” turning point of the Launch of “long vacation JTB” from May 20, 2011.As a first step, I was provided a monthly plan may stay or one of the senior for the “summer vacation a little longer” is a family-friendly plan to have children in elementary school.

Point of a new long-term-stay plan’s proposal of “how to spend”.JTB Corp., put the power to be “the year that may be how to spend the vacation of Japanese changes, in such a turning point this year”.

The “summer vacation a little longer”, in addition to parents and children participatory plan to stay for 14 days in bed & breakfasts in Nagano Prefecture, swamp climbing hiking and enjoy in parent and child, a program that can interact with the local people such as through agricultural experience is incorporated.Children bring homework, we have laid the support system to be able to study in local, throw out one’s chest “plan which is prepared the teacher probably Would not it be for the first time” and.

On the other hand, plan for senior citizens is, prepare a condominium in Chatan Okinawa and Niseko in Hokkaido.Dish washing and I can spend slowly at a pace of their own.If there is a 30 consecutive night, it was cheap appeal to be able to stay from about 1650 yen one night.


There was also far travel of “extended stay, but we have not spread easily.Predicted has assumed elderly retired, but I would like to renew it is to be released from a variety of stress, mood, etc. seek healing, and should be “a person who does not assume ever visit this summer after the earthquake make.

In the domestic market, Guam and Hawaii, and Cairns “long vacation” Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) is charged to June 2011 the “nights Plan”.”Now, I am prepared plan experience inns and hotels in the Tokyo metropolitan area, near the’ll have to stay longer in one day.This trend will continue, and speak offers to the plan “will Tomaro Ku long …” the WEB dedicated our already, but the “to expand it.

On the other hand, to introduce long-term plan to stay overseas travel.Released Guam and Hawaii, such as the Cairns “long vacation”..

Nippon Travel Agency in “long Vacances”, we propose how to spend summer vacation a little longer.For example, providing a three-day intensive course in the option plan is the plan of 6 to 8 Bangkok.I ask them to experience during your stay such as “Thai foot massage qualifications plan” and “Quick Thai training plan”.

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