How to enjoy get used to patron of uses mood of what little bonus of “idle funds” (2)

In fact there is idle funds than before, had been released (disappearance is absorbed ’09) jet securities in December 2003.Where do the difference between this time and at that time.
(Affiliated office) is because it was mainly production idle funds “Previously, investment was limited to belong talent.(Manufacturer) is has become a main production company Fund, there is no limit to the subject.This means that I can be booked between the daughter of idle expected sales “(Mr. Ikeda, supra)

This initiative Star’s securities operation and sale of the Fund of this time, but to produce a DVD to discover the idle actually, a company called BNS.Company after the establishment in 1993, has been sold about 1800 titles in the group as a whole, and that has a sales network TSUTAYA, GEO, amazon, etc. to the
Mechanism of investment seems to differ greatly from the previous fund.Thing of the past, for example Idol of investment is five, investors were able to invest in girls and their favorite at ¥ 50,000 one-necked.Therefore, investment performance is in pieces, 142.3% at the highest, lowest was 40%.That is to say, Some girl gave me increased to ¥ 71,150 the principal amount of ¥ 50,000, that some child was reduced to ¥ 20,000.To fund into a “single item” gravure idol is risky, the result comes out as numbers is the story cruel to girl.

On the other hand, in the idle funds of this time, (5-6 or group) five or six idle is built into the fund for one of risk aversion, and that is in the form of dispersing investment.
Is what is announced as the first step, unit of the trio are aiming route cute erotic photos of “Pink Caramel”.It is scheduled to DVD will be released in January next year, such as invitations to the shooting scene, and with that provides a variety of benefits to investors.Also, idol go to see ‘s trend of recent, pink caramel not only meet, an event called presence with the launch of the shooting also Toka’s planning during.

In agreement with the production, what is announced so far just this pink caramel, but subject to the fund, in fact Adult also contains.It seems planned to take also works Reiko Nakamori popular as Big Tits Mature Actress.
Among the “DVD market, Adult is an area that is the most stable.Production costs are low, I have also established sales channels.By incorporating the genre of Adult, the fund will be able to hedge risk fairly “(The reporter economic, supra)

Well, idle funds This time, investment from ¥ 300,000 1-neck, until the end of December sales period.It is not a cheap financial products never, and that the case of the idle, the body Toka is strong, Toka does not cause a scandal before it not sell sell, and such, have a sense of responsibility that do not retire in the middle is also important.
Does not change the fact anyway is “gambling”, shalt be studied at your own risk all.Well, considering Even so, idle that you have invested, and, If you come to be watched online video and TV, a DVD soon ….This might get away in “overwhelming pleasure” far from!?