“I lost to myself” dampers that Sawa Homare of positive thinking vomited only once

Nadeshiko Japan captain-SawaMinoru or rarely Medal of the new “world” is applied.It is in the “2011 FIFA Women’s Ballon d’Or” to choose the World Footballer of women’s football.The award, which was elected the nominated 10 people in October, announced the three finalists in the December 5.Malta (Brazil), Sawa has been entry with one back (US).About surprising episode of Sawa to get a worldwide reputation, I fulfill her latest publication “dream.”(Tokuma Shoten published) and configuration,” Mr. Sports Writer Ebashi Yoshinori that publication of the world to give up not mind “the (Shogakukan published) is commentary.

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Sawa is a sensitive player in the relationship of words and mind.”If vomit complaints” enough is impossible “and, where game would with” “If Nenjire as” I can do “, really can feel is” as such, the words human behavior that is emitted from the mouth and I believe that it is something that is pulled.So Sawa is not always the only mouth that positive.

By the way character of “vomiting” is, mouth strangely plus, I will write a negative.When you take off minus from here it will be character called “Kano”.”Dreams are not what you see, fulfill those” is Sawa listed the belief that, the only positive thing to continue to the mouth, it will be said that has realized the “grant” rather than “spit”.

It is such Sawa, but you say that there is that you have vomited the complaints only once.2004, at the expense that won the berth of the Athens Olympics, and was hit by a serious injury to right knee meniscus injury.Olympics Although this tournament was a last-minute situation that has also been referred to as either despair, she is crossing the very surgery that excision of the meniscus, has been restored to pitch in just 2 months.

Make do in Athens, the time limit is provided that rehabilitation, it is called was extremely harsh.Menu that was imposed on her was the equivalent of the male players.One day, she is called “lost to myself”.It is so had to give up the “mercy” while spilling tears.

However, an attempt to cheer such a girlfriend, came a team mate of Nadeshiko Japan, has been doing the rehab menu with Sawa.Unplug bullying the body in the feeling that “want not to give up in Sawa”, and touch the friends of appearance that it was also ran joins the team practice When you’re finished, Sawa “accomplish rehabilitation in order to go to Athens” again and I swore.

After two months, Sawa played a miraculous recovery aspirations come true, I was able to stand in Athens of pitch.However, her knee that had excised the 40% of the meniscus in the future, might scream.Once you eventually reduced the muscle becomes the old man, is called might be their own walking also becomes difficult.Still, because I that decided the surgery “than to worry about their old age, and for women’s football in Japan”, will lower the really head.Sawa who devoted his life to football, that is recognized as the “world’s best players”, I hope strongly as a national of Japan alone.

2011 and the award ceremony of the FIFA Ballon d’Or announcement o’clock 19: 1 月 9 日 年 2012 ※ (Japan time 10 days before dawn), takes place in Zurich, Switzerland.

Photography ■ Satoru Kaneko