“Mito Komon” You can not quit convinced! Affected areas of the old man, “most of the fun …”

With the TBS immobility of rut program “Mito Komon” is finally tonight (December 19, 2011), to finish the social reform pilgrimage of more than 40 years – it is possible that, this morning of Asa Zuba! Is the last in the fifth generation Mito Komon, greeted Kotaro Satomi as a special commentator.

Kōtarō Satomi “I hear voices well and that from being Why finished,” but this drama has been known for a happy ending, such as press in determine, upon the retirement of your Roko of this every time, even Monta Mino of Satomi also show host, sorry chagrin it is, in a tone such as.

Minowa, show off the episode when a visit to the people of the elderly living in the Northeast of temporary housing.When I hear the day-to-day of fun, voice and TV.But this Asa Zuba! It is shunned as “since early morning”, the most fun is Mito Komon -.And that such a story, heard here and there of temporary.

When informed that the Minoga Mito Komon is finished, who your old man “not convinced is that the end” and “Ne’m Why” that seemed.”” Why, Why do (gonna end)?Voice Satomi also respond and often hear “that”.

Mito Komon finale of publicity, memorial, such as when a person “still young you” died, was preoccupied with funereal mood.