Fall immediately after also Korea Air Force missile launch, the voice of the “problematic” to force

South Korean military officials on the 18th, in the live fire training that was conducted in June 2011, missiles from F-4 fighter “AGM-142” where it was fired (pop eye) 3 shots, immediately after 2 shot is fired It was to clear the fallen and.Multiple of Korea media reported.

Military officials, 2 shots out of the fire and missile 3 shots does not operate a battery of propellant, was talking and was allowed to fall into the sea without fly towards the target.Cause is seen as poor maintenance, was raised pointed out that there is a problem with the forces from Korea.

South Korean army in order to attack a major military installations such as missile launch base of North Korea, was introduced about 100 shots pop eye from Israel in 2002.1.2 billion won per shot that (about 80 million yen).

Battery of propellant to operate after the ignition.Since there is no technology to be sure in advance battery to operate in Korea, it is necessary to provide regular battery replacement, the Air Force had failed to manage because of budget shortfalls.Pop eye of battery 60 million won (about 400 million), life is about 10-12 years.I was fired since 3 years ’08 of training.

Air Force in response to the missile crash, recorded a battery replacement cost in fiscal 2012 budget, or the budget from that also other important business often can ensure that opaque.

South Korean media, was reportedly “Air Force will not escape the responsibility of to that it has drilled a hole in the North Korean forces.”.(Editors: Yu Shinkawa)