The dissatisfaction to face the judges? Displaced and of opinion viewers “THE MANZAI 2011”

The 17th, determine the “2011 most interesting was” comic artist “THE MANZAI 2011” is broadcasting the finals of (Fuji TV) punk grunt was won.2 people Panbu that won the “M-1” in 2009.They showed that the preeminent of fun from the tournament qualifying, won the championship hopes in the final after receiving the hallmark of the “big favorite” from Ninety – nine who served as the tournament MC.Although it is this result that before it can be said that its reputation, of being whispered around the net, it’s the voice of dissatisfaction with the examination of “more of the” glue copy “second place was the story of Knights was interesting.”.

“After the broadcast, it was done in Yahoo! News,” “THE MANZAI 2011” in it the most interesting was the?Knights is 35% in the questionnaire (19 currently, 42%) that “had attracted the largest number of votes.However, whether this will not simply be construed as gossip and taboo favorite audience psychology.The word is also no “glue copy” mean fresh as a current affairs story is, without also be touched in almost two years since the previous scandal TV, this is that we had the impression such as imperceptibly Seven dirty words.It cried to Knights in the live broadcast, viewers surprise, Will applauded “(industry officials)

It starts from the pillow of Nobuyuki Hanawa of “likes TV drama”, the Knights were barrage a nice blur of tempo, ignoring the Tsukkomi of Nobuyuki Tsuchiya comic the stage of final that everyone has to help en- demonstrate the distinctive style that Hyosuru as “trouble often” their comic dialogue, Hanawa cries as “glue peak”, I used the word “heroin”.When the drama series that was broadcast on Fuji TV system to story blurred Hanawa was the “under one roof” in the mouth, for many viewers should floated is “Noriko Sakai”.And there is no difference in the thought would not touch anyone.Or, you would have thought I would about touching the little roundabout.However, Hanawa is “Nde live, because you put beep” and telling the pretend, blurt out a “glue peak”.Light Ota of laughter problem that was in the studio as understudy of Beat Takeshi was laughter about facing the belly.

Of that take a laugh at that betray the expectations of people who are seen, it can be said that the cardinal rule of comedy is not limited to manzai.But sometimes, there is that the expected turn to the expectations.And to meet the expectations, leading to greater laughter.Just “THE MANZAI” Knights of the comic that showed in the final of, it can be said that was what gave birth to laugh and to meet the expectations of viewers.On the other hand comic of Panbu who won in, I said that was something of orthodox betray the entirely expected.Viewer’s opinion that “more of the 2-position of Knights was interesting” is maybe said that resulted from this difference between the two.

In addition, complaints of viewers with respect to these results, a lot of people in front of the TV “?I think it is as rooted in differences no appointment of judges to the floated “.Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Yasushi Akimoto, Terry Ito, Tsutomu Sekine, Kazuki Otake, Masayuki Watanabe, Yuichi Kimura, Hiroyuki Amano, the stage of final lined nine judges named Mitsuyoshi Takasu.People to convince the mogul such as Nishikawa and Akimoto to the jury would be many, but medium-sized far from that Kimura and Amano is no difference to the audience there were many to wonder the sit to judge seat.Because, tournament is now “entertainment career unquestioned.I because began with a catchphrase that professional comedian nurses limited “.Even if the pin entertainer of Kimura separately, I want to challenge as Kyain to Amano.Do not than so I thought viewers often.

If a tournament to determine the “this year the most interesting comic artists”, That’s what I wanted to participate in such as laughter problem to continue standing still on stage every month.Certainly the class but there will be a variety of problems to participate, Well better yet do not the “M-1” I should ask have tied to entertainment career as.Examination results in this time of “THE MANZAI” that complaints have been submitted but, whether the divergence of the contents and the tournament gist of visible from the actual contestants are not the contributors that have not recruited the voice of discontent.If if next year also the same tournament will be held, I want you to come with a tied called “entertainment career within 20 years.”.Dissatisfaction with the fact that entertainer of mid-level that would have felt this time viewers do the jury it only would be eliminated.Anyway I hope the success of punk grunt who won.Because they will not be the next tournament to be leap.

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