Fishermen incident “is larger mouth than ability” and criticized the Korea – Chinese media

December 15, 2011, in the Chinese government system of the Global Times editorial, the Korea Maritime Police personnel killing incident of Chinese fishermen, “in China assertion that should show magnanimity in Korea often.But South Korea is not showing any compassion for the surrounding area, “is larger in the mouth than ability” impression was given “and is self-congratulation, it was criticized South Korea.Beihanaji site Ta維 news is I told.The following outline its.

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Killing incident by the Chinese fishing boat members, not only happened in the course of China and South Korea exchange expanding “small friction”.That China before the prehistory of the incident clearly is to apologize immediately shows the magnanimity is not realistic now of East Asia situation.China should show magnanimity, but it’s difficult act is likely to have done is say.It can be said with the idealistic one side with the major powers of the world.However, Korean society is not showing the compassion of the surrounding area at all, “is larger in the mouth than ability” to other countries gave the impression.

Each time that China and South Korea are to conflict, national feelings Korea seems to be Sakanade to maximize.Although both the public there is anger, Korean it is greater than Chinese.Apparently Korea public opinion believes that major powers of East Asia is compete for their territory.Although it is a sense fact, such thinking is “Korea is the most angry in Asia” he invite the impression.(Translation and editing / AA)