“Shot the barrel and later head is not crying” mass comment from the world to North Korea citizens wail videos

North Korean citizens of videos that crying in the death of Kim Jong Il has become a hot topic all over the world.Is played about 300 million times in one day, comments have been submitted with amazing pace.

Death is December 19, 2011 that has been announced, how the break down North Korea citizens in each country of the news was broadcast.Also on YouTube, video is up on the same day.

2.95 million times those of the reproduced is Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) taken in one day, you are reflecting the national figure of break down before the statue and portrait of Kim Jong Il.It’s ages range from students wearing uniforms to military personnel.And per the knee, some people are screaming while slammed his fist on the ground.Although Kokin Il Sung is similar images even when died in 1994 flows in each country, It’s strange to that so many people are crying uniformly.

Access is flooded in the video, 1 Nikkei Tsu was December 20, 2011 19:00 Currently, Views about 2.95 million times.New song of the published girlhood in October had become a hot topic has been reached in four days to 10 million PV, it’s a pace that is comparable to that.

Comments have also been attracted in large quantities, it is also currently about 34,000 items.Most in English,

“They need to express the sadness in public places.Because it is now sent to concentration camps to be otherwise. ”
“What has been forced to they cry?”
“Do not because dictatorship is watching,” “Alright, Who Let’s see what cry out loud”
Shot the barrel and later head is not crying “.They are often called by “I know it.It seems the world of people have seen that there is no than mourn sincerely North Korea national.

Are crazy “.To democracy we need, “except to them, is the most sad video in which” you’ve ever seen.Millions of people have fallen into Stockholm syndrome “and” are crazy.They and those that sympathize with the democracy we need “to,” irony that, do not you? “They are crying happy also.And that there were also those carefree “I do have a different color of red jacket that girl is wearing.”.Comments are submitted in seconds also currently.

In a two-channel, writing such as “though not hero is spared until here also the way that saved the world” “If scary place it against Na I wonder what is being” had been submitted.
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