…… Yuko Nakazawa that can not be next year 39-year-old of Noniko building, waiting in the adult circumstances

And IT-related companies president of the same age, Nakazawa Yuko that was decided married in just four months dating.The next spring of married plan was transferred to Fukuoka Prefecture living husband the base of life, and was even reported to save the entertainment activities.In addition, that person is also showing a willingness to child development.

Nakazawa also in the next year 39-year-old.In general, it is the older birth from more than 35 years of age, then it becomes possible to involve more such as infertility or illness, a variety of risk.Nakazawa of feeling that will Rinmo in child development even most, but that does not come out absolutely OK sign at present.

“Nakazawa it seems to balance with the” DHC Protein diet “that has served as the current CM character.Nakazawa successful in the company’s diet program, it is the contents that are exposed the waist line to advertise its effect.Upon this CM contract, pregnancy during the period was the absolute NG.In addition, also was put off with the “next spring” with respect to married time, is said to have agreement on the issue of the company “(advertising agency officials)

Special site of Nakazawa is the company’s site also is open, has been published in numerous cut that emphasizes the constriction of the waist also.Certainly can have children in the stomach, that the various problems on the contract is easy to imagine.

However, Toka Nakazawa person is complaining “early child wants” to Chikashii officials.That it has passed the bearing age as itself is understands, probably also rush feeling.But are you then painstakingly fulfill the contract with this DHC seems to pose as Nakazawa of talent has been greatly affected.

“Nakazawa is founder Morning Musume.As a leader, it is so aware today that it is a model of the other members and staff.If it is a major production of about Nakazawa affiliation up front, such as to cast the other talent at cheap behalf of Nakazawa against DHC, should be able to propose a compromise to the extent that penalty does not occur.However, once it is assumed without Hogonisuru the work, and the results are the spear through the contract the private until the expense would be a trick professionalism of Nakazawa is to name “(entertainment writer)

Original “mode daughter.”Also a member, not a few junior became result in a marriage that has chat dextroamphetamine.However as she our mentor, attitude penetrating the intention even as one talent also would be sure to be rewarded.The dawn of the contract expiration, it’s what I want to blessed by all means a healthy baby.

※ The image is “Legend” / ZETIMA

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