Pros and cons to the Chinese restaurant to spread to the world – Chinese media

December 18, 2011, according to a report of Xinhua Net, China net was reportedly pros and cons Tour of the Chinese restaurant of the world is going on winding.

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Chinese cuisine is one of the pillar industry for the Chinese, overseas Chinese.From industry as a means of life to industry as a means to spread the culture, which I said that inevitable process on the Chinese industry to development.Praise or censure in what is always in the process, praise is considered encouragement, rebuke you should regarded as labor.

The past few years, Chinese cuisine has continued to be focused on overseas media consistently.Chinese to live in a German-speaking countries is by no means many.And there in the United States and the United Kingdom, there is no scale of Chinatown, such as France.But not only the capital Berlin of Germany, even in a small village of Switzerland and Austria, it is possible to see a Chinese restaurant.Chinese restaurant in these earth I’m thriving as I say explosive.Many of the German-speaking people I love Chinese food, he is in the habit of going to the Chinese restaurant once a week in a number of home.

In accordance with the Chinese cuisine is noted, even some of the doubts began to come out.Recently also spread canard that “In the Chinese restaurant are cat and dog meat is used”, Chinese restaurant of certain United Kingdom has received a slander.By local Health was examined, it was found that these hoax are completely lie.But the Chinese restaurant defamation became what is immeasurable.

American Chinese restaurant was also criticized.”Environment is poor, poor hygiene.Staff education is also appropriate, there is no expertise.Legal concept is also not enough, it is something that “is also inferior service for handicapped people of body.

Why did overseas media there are pros and cons to the Chinese restaurant.

In Chicago, there is an old immigrant many people working in a Chinese restaurant.New immigrants are, but it means life that you work in a Chinese restaurant for them.If you can not find the appropriate job, and he first work in the restaurant.It is not a name cock like many are in the first-class restaurant.

“Akatsuki army gastronomic” group of the United States, a relatively successful Chinese restaurant management companies in Chicago.Under the umbrella “old Sichuan” “old Beijing” “old Shanghai” “Rotomo聚” such as “old Hunan” of the brand, has also been evaluated in American society.I have a problem of labor shortage even in such blue-chip companies.Ebisuakatsuki Army, Chairman and “is very difficult to find an excellent cook now,” laments.

Threshold of technology immigrants was higher in the new immigration law, which was promulgated recently in the United Kingdom.Cook with technology and experience it becomes necessary to strict examination even when that work in the UK.It’s majority to become such severity disqualification of cooks working in China.

Otherwise, it is a factor that is also slander that Chinese industry overseas is pursue the fusion of Western cuisine.Initially, Chinese restaurant’s management, in order to attract more local customers, plus the improvement in Chinese cuisine.Than is the addition of sweetness to Westerners favorite fried or stir-fry.But this has undermined the original flavor of Chinese cuisine.If you want to develop the Chinese food industry abroad, it is no good and only flatter the taste of Western.Only in the original Chinese cuisine is the life force is equipped with, and we will be able to embody the charm with it by truly Chinese food culture.

The future of the Chinese industry, Ebisuakatsuki Army Mr. has a bright outlook.For the development of the future of Chinese industry, and promote the integration of small and medium-sized restaurant, making birth to large food group is thought Mr.’s flow of inevitable.

That said, ChoMasaru Mamoru, who is a reporter of “Chicago Mandarin Rondane report”, the road to integration of Chinese restaurant shows the view that far.It was not enough To form a chain deployment from management level is amateurish, also because even dull movement of union activities and PR activities.”Taking the United States as an example, making the union of the industry is very important for the interests and development of Chinese industry.In the past, in Chicago there was a Bei-chu Chinese Association, I had to immediately disappear.Mr. Zhang is the PR activities are also partitioned by each doing in each, “he said.