The trouble in his father’s money matters of Tsuji Nozomi husband, Sugiura Taiyo, or Separated decision

Home and away from the urban bustle, from the city of home to live with her husband and children, it was about 40 minutes away by car.the apartment immediately before the eyes of the Metropolitan run is, stood in the middle of downtown.

December 2011, Nozomi Tsuji (24) has been a resident of the apartment.She is always here, and fog comfortably the hood with the bore from the head, and out in the “armed” such as mask to black edge glasses.Still, whether it is a anxiety, in the surrounding apartments, always had been walking in the little face down acceleration.Some entertainment officials testified this.

“There is a” second house “of the Tsuji-chan.She’m a room that was borrowed looking at yourself.Like it’s been prepared for divorce … ”

Tsuji had a big trouble from immediately after the marriage and Sugiura Taiyo (30).It’s money troubles father of Sugiura.

Although his father was a former professional baseball player, after Taidan, to the work, such as real estate broker.And from two or three years ago, from more than one person, it also receives the even of big bucks several tens of million yen to 100 million yen in exchange for IOU and seal certificate, had blinded the whereabouts without any to repay.The August 23, 2011 happened also incidents that boarding is gang gang member in the agency of Sugiura.

It is not returned to lent 100 million yen close gold to “Sugiura of father.The Oshiero the whereabouts of his father. ”

Gang member approaching so, divide by hitting the chair of the drawing room to the glass door of the cabinet with excitement, became arrested on suspicion of vandalism.

“Parents of the sun kun I’ve been divorced more than 20 years ago.Insulating state is with his father because he has been brought up by his mother.Because does not change that it is said, is a father and, creditors us, in search of his father became not know whereabouts, I had come many times to the office of the sun-kun.There was the act was enigmatic such intimidation Over the 2 years.I was just Tsuji-chan also initially Furueagaru “(people who know the wife)

On the other hand, Sugiura had been struggling as a family of breadwinner.In 2010, appeared in “My Husband is a Cartoonist” (NHK).I faced the “Hanamaru Market” (TBS system) three regular programs such as.If this is program starring request of the other also local broadcasting, for example, take in most Futatsuhenji, it’s hard at work.

“The husband outside is me working hard for the family, it is happy as a wife.And But I think it was anxiety after all also had Futari small children.Bonus scary I think it means the collection of father-in-law to also then you think full the.But she “protect the children I” It was mind that.Ahead a TV program appearances and long-term location, and went to switch to work that can be at home.When trying to do not know just where I live, move also repeatedly.Among such, I think I’m a couple of feelings went passed each other … “(people who know the de wife before)

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue