“Everything in there is crazy,” “do not trust anyone” Sino-Japanese original director Ochiai Mr. consternation remarks barrage!?

“You’ve never touched the thing of the pitcher”, “all crazy in there,” “Nobody do not trust,” such as, anyway shocking words after another popping out was Chunichi Dragons original supervision and Hiromitsu Ochiai’s interview.In NTV “Going! Sports & News”, Suguru Egawa’s baseball commentator becomes the listener, the pattern was broadcast over the two nights (the 17th, the 18th).

In the first minute broadcast, “If made me wear uniforms next year, so far does not talk” is referred to as, It was Ochiai, who spent the unknown episode, Part II of broadcasting, further surprised Can I say more than this to became the content.I will post a summary of the interview below.

Egawa: it was thought to be this year get used to Japan?Did not think?Do you speak and if now?

The Ochiai: it was thought that become.

Egawa: I was wondering?Objection.

Ochiai: Why?

Egawa: I know, is a selfish belief.Ochiai’s first round of baseball is if you wanted to trod a very win Nde such person Yarareru the normal baseball and not it? Yoshimi (Kazuki lineup).

<※ SOFTBANK play against the Japan Series opener, China and Japan of the starting lineup, was Chen Wayne rather than Yoshimi winningest pitcher>

Ochiai: No, of it is I, I thought it’s useless if you went to Round 7 (Japan Series).

Egawa: I, reverse Desuyo.As whether Rassharu think you could win if you take them somehow until Round 7.

Ochiai: You such until the sixth round eyes, if you win.Last last battle of the Climax Series (Round 5) was extra.

<※ climax series you play against Yakult, even given the victory to the starting lineup is Yoshimi in the first match (November 2), Round 5 in (November 6) during three days Yoshimi is starting again >

Ochiai: Yoshimi, probably was in the 3rd.All in there is crazy.Tired Nuken kana me.Finally Yoshimi is that Tteyuu unreasonable, Although I think I decided and then we go with it if it was unreasonable Chen.When it becomes to three wins and two losses in the Yakult game (1 win advantage of the Sino-Japanese), but not the game can be two.dont must keep making twice chance if you want to do it on to those who do.By any chance, where chance of winning in Yoshimi even if not 100%.You think I’m thinking Tteyuu good is better to say from the win order Once seemed.Pitching coach I.

Egawa: Hey, I’m sorry.It is What it is “I think I wonder idea” is ….

Ochiai: I have not decided Pitcher.

Egawa: I have left to the forest (Shigekazu head coach) Mr.?

Ochiai: I’m all leave.

Egawa: I have confidence in the long coach?

Ochiai: absolutely, also never touched the thing of pitcher.

Egawa: Ee~e.Do not it go well mound in the percentage?

Ochiai: it and go to the mound, determine the order of rotation and reliever it’s not my job.

Egawa: Ochiai-san, “today, (pitcher) who” until the game do not know me?

Ochiai: do not know.

Egawa: You are to see that you trust the coach.Mori I think that it is absolute trust definitive.The’m, Is not got a batter and pitcher and trade-offs?

Ochiai: anyway, it Thats know the out does not take a point.

Egawa: Then baseball Ochiai’s director to the sense of not typing the batter.

Ochiai: do not trust anyone.It ‘s Na’m not to not strike.What after the pitcher Hang in there.

Egawa: Among them, that it’s to the director to helm whether we won and how do?

Ochiai: The is the final was easy, “pitcher is reluctant to what most?She said “” It is disgusting and that bear the runner to second.By a single hit (runners) or come back, and I because you come to Home After poor with one error.It because he is me somewhat different “than when you are in the first base.If you wanted, and me once you send it to no matter what second.So, it would take if my one point back once in five or six times in the.I also long that I did baseball, nine times also sacrifice bunt sign out game 8 times in one game, or that experience, I did not think that it to do it yourself.But I guess not win if you do not do it.

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