Finally huge market China bubble large collapse (1)

“Great Depression of from Europe were becoming increasingly realistic.” -.It is a word that is frequently emitted by the recent economic news.However, it is intended that if there is no feeling of per that “if familiar if what is” in the day-to-day life, it is difficult to understand.
US rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S & P) is, Germany, the government bonds of France, such as the euro area 15 countries, I was announced as the review in the direction of downgrade.Then early as “the European debt crisis hit Japan, government bonds are selling Destruction and the Japanese economy sank” began to be whispered that sinister scenario that.
One of the factors that I think the anxiety is, there where the boundary of such assumptions and the real economy is felt ambiguous.
Japan government bonds, and 10-year interest rate of sale December 1 is 1.09%, rose to the level for the first time in about 4 months.Although it is not a mistake that the interest rate goes up = is attractive, if flip side, the country is not collected the gold If you do not to do so, in other words, it means that there is no money in the country.By the way, although the Greek government bonds flashpoint has been to more than 20%, do not buy anyone because credit is not.This is based on the “reality” that the government had deceived the public.

One o’clock in Europe, Italian government bonds has reached up to 7.3% of the dangerous waters (then reduced by the emergency measures of the government).In addition, even if the eurozone last of safety assets and eyes are German government bonds had, significant not reach the demand of investors in recruiting amount “Tags cracking” occurs.Stock prices, receivables depreciation has accelerated in the euro area in this opportunity.It is around and around leap in Japan that is in the “still safe zone” (market sources), it is a scheme that grave situation is “assumed” that a large amount of Japanese government bonds are sold to cash.
“US home country of the credit rating agencies such as S & P and Moody’s, was an avid from previously ignoring the financial circumstances in the downgrade of Japanese government bonds.Moreover, Japan has been reduced physical strength in the yen.If contemplating a downgrade US credit rating company is a further, Japanese government bonds become “the second of Italy”.This would pot you think of hedge funds intending to overthrow the killing by crushing hit the Japan.Orientation dubious suspicious three-legged race of rating agencies and hedge funds often ”

Such a story that market participants told had been reported in “Shukan Gendai”.Their aim was “high and sell it to buy cheap” money-making.Puppet “credit” for that, to make full use the “assumption” as a means.
However, I would that it is not surprisingly known, Japan 94.3% of government bonds has been domestic bias, such as financial institutions and individual investors holdings, foreign ownership ratio is only slightly to 5.7%.In that respect, it can be said that the situation is different from domestic ownership is low Western countries.Therefore, Japan is unlikely to be the target of a break selling government bonds compared to Europe and the United States, the possibility that this is linked to the trigger of the Japanese economic collapse, it can not be said to be too high.
“It is really scary is Chinese stall that jumped to the second economy in the world.Now that is multiplied by the prestige of the nation “Beijing Olympics,” “Shanghai Expo” has been completed, objective data are telling us cant down of the collapse of the bubble economy.If Kuwaware the final blow of there to the European crisis, he devoted to the vast Chinese market Japanese companies, not could take a blood return everywhere “(Sino-Japanese trade officials)