Satsuki Ariga, Keiko Kono, Akiko from 80s Yagi Fuji Women’s Ana biographies

And television broadcasting began more than half a century.Female announcer can be said that mirror that reflects the era.The Women’s Ana talent of is big close-up It was the 1980s.

1980s, the presence of the popular girls Ana, there was a force that would repaint even force diagram of the TV world.It is said to be long Fuji TV and “commercial of the king,” but The impetus of today’s prosperity was a major reform of women’s Ana appointment method triggered by the withdrawal of the Yorichika.

Says Tatsuo Inamasu professor of detailed Hosei University, Department of Sociology, in television media theory.

Fuji who was suffering in low audience rating, which is ridiculed as “until the early 1980s” is directed if Tele east “is, to focus on talent of women Ana.From NHK Yorichika Mitsuko not only was head hunting, droll Ana popularity and became Masuda Yumi and Rieko Terada as, and went one after another train girls Ana Harrell the main such as Tomoko Nagano ”

Women’s Anabumu by Fuji, “flower of 3 daughters” and said the Satsuki Ariga, Keiko Kono, greet the climax by 1988 joined pair of Akiko Yagi.By this time, Fuji was the was completely hands the seat of commercial number one.

Ariga Satsuki, recalls.

“Any number of program Kakemochi, it was sleep free time also is not every day.Nevertheless, the sense of fulfillment at the time, which is reflected in the only and worked minute numbers (viewing rate) does not also forgotten now. ”

Success in the machine at the variety, spread the playing field of women’s Ana us.1988, will Nakai Miho “professional baseball news” first female main caster in Fuji, doors to the sport sector has been opened to women Ana.TBS even the same period, Kagawa Emiko has been active in sports broadcasting.

Then after Ayako Kisa you turned to talent in, as typified by Kyoko Uchida, is the sport in charge will become the Variety system popular Ana gateway to success.

※ Shukan Post January 2012 1 · the 6th issue