Is abuzz in “of entertainment list of letter” of suicide was South Korea actress

2011, speaking of the topic Korea showbiz had received let alone shock also Japan, committed suicide Korean actress to click the sex entertainment in 2009, the “letter of of entertainment list” is the autograph of Mr. Chung Jayon would that it was published.

March 6, private television station SBS broadcasting of Korea, Chung Jayon san is said to have addressed to an acquaintance, a total of 50 copies of until just before suicide since 2005, is reported to have obtained the autograph letter of up to 230 pages, Publish some content.Its shocking contents, called the big ripples in Korea.

The letter “31 people had a sexual entertainment, a total of 100 times or more” “parent of the anniversary was also forced to entertainment”, “entertainment industry, large enterprises, financial community, officials of the mass media”, such as the sexual entertainment such as coerced number of people and occupation has been described in great detail.There was also the name of the president of the main paper “Chosun Ilbo” of South Korea during the.These listed person who is, immediately after Jang Ja-yeon’s suicide in 2009, is also subject to questioning as some sort of relationship, had become insufficient in all non-prosecution disposal evidence.

In addition to the letter is written anguish of Mr. Jang Ja-yeon and “there is no way to escape from the entertainment”, the opponent was forced to sexual entertainment to make a “list is referred to as a” devil “.I have put the hatred please “and of the whole body to revenge dies.

But March 10, South Korean police, the original of the letter of Mr. Jang Ja-yeon, confiscated from the person to be acquaintances, a result that issued the appraisal, announced that traces of forgery from the envelope is found seven locations.Then in October, and then forged a letter on suspicion that was submitted as evidence in court, the person who is the acquaintance of Mr. Jang Ja-yeon, South Korean prosecutors have not indicted.

result that prosecution has appraised the handwriting of the letter, and discovered such that different handwriting’s letter and Jang Ja-yeon that have been submitted to the court, “letter of Jang Ja-yeon’s sexual entertainment list” has been determined to be a false.And men in prison in another violent crime that are acquaintances also, from various perspectives, such as many years of imprisonment, likely to be Chung Jayon and her acquaintance was determined to dilute.Thus, a series of uproar wrapped to surprise the Korea all over, became that finally greet the convergence.

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