The Kagoraku muscle beauty nude photo book the Miho Koga Darvish publication

It is a feeling of big break in Miho Koga of the original “Idol golfers” that was announced his retirement (29) As far as this season.While play a caster debut in the tour finale, he talent turning theory is raised.
“Full-fledged entertainment activities have not yet started.Although reportedly became a kick boxer in some reports, that good looks.Person even has the makings to be more than enough success as talent if you can bring them enclose the belly “(production executive)

In fact, certain major entertainment professional who put her eye to the good looks, but in preparing to scout under the surface of the water.
Apparently there is also production that you are trying to present the several tens of million yen in “contract money.And if Koga, by any chance, because if it fails as a talent there is insurance that is able doing as a sportscaster “(entertainment professional parties)

And to capitalize on this boom, that offer also from publishers has been flooded.
“I have a plan offer of autobiography published.Seems to have feelings until his retirement from becoming professional is drawn stark “(parties)

To talk has come Koga, it is not only written request.What, in her original had a reputation as the “ultra-sexy type” of women’s golf world stamps, he had MCUs planning of semi-nude photo collection.
“She has a height 167 cm, it is also not lose in absolute and confrontation with the B86 · W60 · H88 and Gravure from the top nice buddy.Belly and navel her charm that was constricted.If you up the navel in sports broadcasting, viewing rate is also up more than 3%.And that was caught on the navel-handed in the women’s golf world was a Koga.You can either produce to how sexy the navel and belly in the photograph collection is becomes the key.Nipples in percussion in see-through.She only to a complete break with golf field is rumor, but there get story “(published stakeholders)

It is around a nice buddy of Koga, and “Tales of a Golden Geisha” legend that has been plausibly handed down in the TV world.
“Everyone men going out with her, I’m getting to the reputation and fortune to soar.In fact, Tsuyoshi Nishioka of the original Lotte that ardent love has been reported has been active in the Twins of the US major was a long-sought.Yu Darvish of ham day when staying Love has been reported also expressed a major challenge.However, so there are no Mr. He in recent Koga, it seems to exclusively addicted to blind date “(sports program director)

I want to come worship the fascination of the buddy who captivated the Dal.