Most happy corporate employees in the United States is “average annual income of 4.52 million yen.”

# 1 of analyzed the answers of about 100,000 workers in the United States, “the employee is most happy companies ranking in 2012 in the United States”, was shining “Hilton Worldwide” hotel chains.In second place following a major general contractor Fluor, health care product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, the luxury department store Nordstrom, is BASF of diversified chemical company lasted.

Employees of the average annual income ($ 1 78 yen equivalent), 2-position of the Fluor is 6.83 million yen, for the 3-position of the Johnson & Johnson that a 6.38 million yen, the 1-position of the Hilton is 4.52 million yen, the 4-position of Nordstrom was less than 3.12 million yen.Only reward is not necessarily to enhance the satisfaction of workers, I wonder that.

“CareerBliss” survey also important US employment information site can say the employer is proudly.The items workers to evaluate the company, other “future of the company” and “reward”, “allowance”, and the “I of the advantage or to the carrier,” “or be recommended to others,” “work-life balance”, “boss are raised, such as the relationship “is.

Individual elements, but if not clear how to affect the overall score, for example, comparing the Nordstrom and peers, the most difference is larger It’s element “Do is recommended others”.Industry average is for 3.3 point, Nordstrom has become a 4.1 point.

Speaking of Nordstrom, companies that have won the customer satisfaction number one as “absolutely not say no department store”.”I work for Nordstrom,” and it can be said to others proudly, it’s as though likely are related happiness large employee.The addition of name recognition, has continued to suppress the “reward” and “allowance”, “future of the company.”.

Last year the 1-position of the and Google, Microsoft had entered the 32-position, is out of the top 50.In a survey source “has occurred competition in the industry On talent, the impact seems to have come up,” you are a.But also to feel fluctuations of order is too large, or the two companies will all right.