Reported that there was a phone call from Kano sisters who buried my face in Oshima Yuko chest

In Oshima Yuko (23) is his blog of AKB48, I have reported that yearning was conveyed the impression of AKB48 Kohaku against Uta Gassen was held on the 20th of this month by phone from Kano sisters.

“” Yuko-chan of costumes and sexy in a nice, expressive power has told me and was great Desu~yo “”, “Kyoko, it was I who healed very to hear the voice of Mika.Hahan “and before” HEY! HEY! HEY! “(Fuji TV series) DeKano to Oshima is a fan of Kano sisters much sometimes you have buried my Kyoko of her cleavage to face the situation was quite happy phone.

In addition, it is possible and has also promised to meet now, and comments such as “HEY! I mon was saying was address exchange in × 3 ♪” “gorgeous !! Nante phone from Kano sisters san” were received from readers are.

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