Interviewer Nada → Tokyo strongest high school name emphasis, even people who harbor doubts about the Kei 應内 part students

Stronger is granted to the students employment test of top universities.However, in the adoption of the site and that he a “white attention to high school name than university name”.Tsunemi Yohei’s human resource consultant in the writer, talks about “the strongest of the University of Tokyo”.

* * *
Between the interviewer, there is a technique that has been used since ancient times.It, is that “white attention to high school name”.University even if not first-class, students went to prestigious high school is not that or not it be best estate steward.

Prestigious high school is why some people would Asobihoke also many places of free school spirit.Conversely exam study is strictly to Gachigachi, some people would drop out.So, even if not a famous university, high school and is not thought of as not it? Excellent If prestigious school.Listed IT companies adopt responsible person “now, the most reliable in high school name?I will speak with “.

In the background of high school name emphasis, it is said that the University of all incoming era, now that about half of the students admitted to private schools recommending · AO (admission office) entrance examination, there is anxiety about the abilities and qualities of students.It should be noted, Toka is also increasing company to see what can I entered was the regard University.

Recommendation · AO entrance examination is not say that’s evil, but also with anxiety for the basic academic skills, it is not to worry about the things that you did not experience the competition and it caused by stress.In addition, some companies to check whether you have a junior high school exam.

In this way isnt brand of university, while there is also a movement to be repaired by the high school name, even more companies seeking a career of Pikkapika.Saiyo person responsible major food manufacturer says Ko.

“My will is adopted Todai students every year, Azabu → University of Tokyo, also can adopt open → University of Tokyo, Nada → University of Tokyo have never been able to adopt even one person.I wonder the impact of corporate culture?”

In addition, this testimony.Employees working for foreign strategic consulting firm says this.

“Again strongest of the Nada → University of Tokyo.Consulting company is the basic premise of good head.On top of that, are not to be not strong competition.It was combines both of which, still Nada → University of Tokyo ”

However, does not mean that good if a famous Apart from university and high school.Former Human Resources Director of a leading food manufacturer says this.”In the same Keio, I noticed that there is better to not take internal academic’s.And to unwise, if you have just Amattare to dullsville “hmmm.Well, this is you also feel like Keio unique.

Oh yeah, middle high school discrimination is likely to climax, interesting book came out.”The selection of boys’ school” is (Ota Toshimasa Nikkei Premier Series).If say to Toshinao Sasaki’s style, I feel that “This is a good point of view.”.Eight schools of the University of Tokyo pass top 10 Toka’s boys’ school.I find the strong high school law to center the boys’ school.Your read.