Biological child-Yonedanji Katsura of Beichō Katsura I pleases aggressively to the father in story fan

Mr. Kazuo Hirose was born in 1960, the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Degree.Music magazine “BURRN!” Editor-in-Chief.Rakugo fan of 30 years, 350 times more than the storyteller meetings per year, in contact with 1500 seats or more of the dais.That Mr Hirose is, but comic chat artist is Yonedanji Katsura that Hyosuru and “large Myoseki worthy Taiki”.

* * *
And upward even in Tokyo, so-called “second generation rakugo” is there any person, of course, the storyteller is not a hereditary of entertainment.”Nanahikari” but would certainly be a benefit in the starting point of as an entertainer, if there is no talent in the person, it will also disadvantage.”Of that person my son is this or?And “I’m from is exposed to the eyes of more severe criticism.

Rarely seen had realized the “virtuoso second generation” of two people of the fifth generation Shinshō Kokontei son, ten generation Kinbara Chin-ba life and but the third generation Shincho Kokontei III, in the their about virtuoso, “spell that Shin students of my son” is to hear that it was too heavy.

Biological child of the upper storyteller Yonedanji Katsura is “west of living national treasure” Beichō Katsura.He is like a role model of “second generation shalt certain nuclear”, but attractive performers.The disciple to his father in 1978 and in 1958 was born introducing himself as the third generation Katsura-sho United States and North Korea have, and Shumei the fifth generation rice DanOsamu in 2008.”US DanOsamu” is a large Myoseki of US-North Korea of ​​teacher.The Shumei to pressure might be greater than succeed to the meaning “US-North Korea” there.

But not even as a double of pressure to “Shumei of large Myoseki” “son of the living national treasure” in the US DanOsamu, there is a brightness should be called “natural”.It’s those carefree To grew up in his unique as “Wakadanna” US-North Korea sept.Charm of rice DanOsamu lies precisely in its Kuttakunonai “Wakadanna likeness”.

He since I was a small United States and North Korea, has been aggressively neta “that he is the son of the morning rice”.He would be pleased fans and “still Chihaarasoenai” reproducible to and facial expressions and tone the conversation of the father in the look-alike US morning.When the bad II rakugo storyteller is to neta the parent, it is something you will feel that it will not be very heard by Rashiku ear, “US-North Korea story” of the US DanOsamu can enjoy from the bottom of my heart.

It’s just, like as there is no sarcasm even cites the “east of Living National Treasure” fifth generation Kosan Yanagiya Karoku Yanagiya is a grandfather.Feel from “your son” as grew up Hanamidori of dais “charm of honest personality” of Sho-san clan is, there is also the dais of BeiDan Osamu.”US-North Korea story” of the US DanOsamu can not only him, it’s a best fan service.

※ Shukan Post January 2012 1 · the 6th issue