Folly by storm Sakurai Sho accommodation room, the female employees of the hotel and criticized rush

From the beginning of the year of 2011, by the hotel employee “Junichi Inamoto and Miho Tanaka staying Dating exposure uproar of” occurs, one year remarks problems with Twitter is frequently thereafter.The August 5, female employees of another hotel, Sho storm-Sakurai and appearance of the room that you wish to check out, and even became by exposure on Twitter the “Kink” of itself and mayhem.

O’clock August 5 10 am, female employees of the hotel that Sakurai seems to have available, “dangerous.Dangerous.I Sho-kun Sakurai stayed in out of the hotel, but tweet and “come to go to the room we stayed now, too much of the excitement, and that it was sleeping on pillow Sakurai of hair is attached, such as that it smelled a used towel after another confession.for this to be rushed condemned as “the unworthy’s act Aru as a hotel employee!”, but female employees was excuse as “No way of the www is that it did in the story”, turmoil spread to on the bulletin board, her Twitter it was supposed to be deleted in the evening.

Then, belongs to Johnny & Associates of Sakurai announced the official view that “there is manager of the room.”.Site that became hotel side impossible to make contact with a woman from the “uproar the next day of the 7th.Currently, it is in fact confirmed.If fact, to leave a Want “and comment strict disposal.

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